Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gumbo Post-Magazines

This is a Gumbo post filled with many thing

Hey ladies,
I know, I know long time no see. I totally miss posting blogs. But my job has me exhausted and a lil stressed among other things. But I am A-OK and you all know I've given it to God.

But, on another note, I have so many things to discuss. First are magazines I am reading now. Essence, Seventeen, and Glamour.

The Essence Mag features Kerry Washington on the cover. As well as of features of naturalistas on almost every page. It was basically a hair mag and showed hair types like mine. I love a lot of fashion mags but most of them never showed relaxed hair and as a young child I'm thinking all curly hair was the same. So I ended up wasting so much money on all these curly hair products that weren't for my hair type. But this issue shows many different style ideas, as well as how to accessorize your natural hair.

Seventeen features K$sha and Glamour has Ms. Beckham on the covers. I have yet to read these but can't wait 'till I have time to actually do so.

Coming up for my blog, I will try to do some interviews soon of my fellow naturalistas, more recipes, fashion, shoes....the usual.
Thank you all for reading my blog I <3>

Forever Blessed.

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