Saturday, October 30, 2010

✝Transitioning your life for God or others?✝

Hey Ladies,
Hope you all are having a fabulous safe weekend.

This week has been so hectic to the point where my whole life plan is in question. What am I really supposed to be doing right now in my life? That is the question I have been asking myself since I graduated college. Should I go on to pursue more endeavors or should I stay in school. Maybe get that perfect straight out of college F.T. job.

This wasn't my case. I had prayed for a place that was all of these qualities:
Had to have nice hours (9-5 ish)
Had to respect me as a person
Great benefits
Appreciative of my hard work
Good pay
Can't be sales/retail
Small family business
And most importantly; Location can't be too far.

I found all of these things in the place I am at now, or so I thought. I remember a manager once told me never let someone stop your money. Meaning no matter how hard a job is, stick with it. I think a lot of people don't understand what you go through until you are in the position. It's easy to tell some one to stay in a relationship that they are unhappy in. Or that friend that always say's "well if it were me" to everything, knowing dern well if it were them they'd do the same thing you are and feel the same way. My frustration isn't with the people, it's not really with anyone. My issue is what is it in my life that I need to change in order to be that successful person I know that I am destined to be.
If you have that kind of connection with God, then you can feel when you are doing the right thing and when you are doing the wrong thing. And something about hearing from this job said it was wrong. Then there was another part of me that said this was what you have prayed for, God has done this for you.
As blessed as I am for the support I have received from so many people, I have decided to make a new plan. And just like my hair, I'm taking a step to also transition my life. Because at the end of the day although I have this wonderful plan for my life, God is the one that is the main driver of the plan. I may think I'm in control of this, but He is the one that is really in control. Life is of course what you make it, but He holds the power in the end.
My new list is still the same except I added team work and family oriented to the list.

I hope that everyone who is having issues like this one, they take a moment to think about God, and what it is He is telling you to do. He is speaking to you, you just have to really listen.

Forever Blessed, never Stressed

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