Friday, October 8, 2010

Where my inspiration comes from?. . .

Hey Ladies!!

These last few months have been super crazy. With traveling back in forth for my internship to really hating my job and eventually quitting. Not knowing where the heck money was gonna come from. It's been just really hard. But I have always kept my faith. God has taking me a lot of places; although I know there is more to come. I was fortunate enough to watch a YTer named SugarFreeTV who made a video about writing it down making it happen. She read it in a book somewhere. Anyway, she had been going through a lot as well. And she talked about her faith and how important it is to have in order for this to work. So I had just quit around this time and was only doing my non-paid internship at the time.
I wrote in my goal book, which I've kept since I was 16, what I wanted in a life. What I wanted in a job. I wrote down all things I'd like for my next job. I did that like July. I'm thinking to myself, I'm graduating and I'm gonna be unemployed. But then I had to take those what ifs out of my life and put in when this or that happens. I've had faith in God for a few years now. That is a long story I'll talk about another time.
So fast forward to Sept. I began to worry like wow I have this faith in God and nothing is happening for me. So then I realized what I was doing was asking all the wrong things.
I began to loose sight of the fact that He is the only who is in control of my destiny and when He was ready for those things to happen for me they would.
So I kept my faith and put my trust in God.
Although Sugarfreetv made the video, God was who I had my faith in. But I am very thankful that God sent me a message in that way. And I thank Him for this wonderful job opp He has given to me.
Forever Blessed and never stressed

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