Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are women in need of attention while in relationships?

Hello Ladies.
I know this is totally off topic of fashion but I read an article today that really made me think. The article or interview was with Music Artist Trey Songz and in it he stated that he is unable at the moment to give a women the attention she needs and that he can't check in with her. I have personally never been in any relationship where my man had to check in. I understand the fact that a man doesn't want to hurt his girl by not giving her attention. But do women really require 24/7 365 52 weeks of attention? Or are women independent enough to have a man and understand that he has his life too. Is complaining about about a women needing to much attention an easy way to get out of being in a relationship? I guess this every relationship is different and I'm sure I have at one time in my life, became a part of that nagging club. You know the why don't you (call, text, IM, FB, AOL, etc) me? Or have you ever hung out with a GF and she is constantly checking her phone wondering why hasn't her 'Man' called her in the last 20mins since they have seen each other.
I'm not saying women need constant attention from a man, but we do like to feel loved. Therefore, I agree to why most women and men stay single. No one wants to check in, and no one wants to show someone, who is perhaps psychologically incapable of realizing that their attention seeking ways really stem from something serious that may have happened in their past. I vote for single until the time is right and not needy.

Forever blessed and never stressed

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