Monday, December 13, 2010

the journal of the lonely women!

Why is it that women put with so much shit from the man just for his D@#%!!

Hello Ladies.
Perhaps I am being just a lil bit to graphic, but what is it about the penis that will make a women lose all of who she is for it. You can't say its the love that keeps you around for so long, even though he treats you so wrong. What do you think you are worth lil gurl. Why do you let him take over your soul, your heart, your body. What is that makes you stay but the penis. To me that is crazy. I can never let a man take advantage of my body, my soul, all the things I have worked to hard for in my life to let him just take it away from me. Because once it is gone, you can not get it back. Your heart is forever scared, your soul is burned, your things are gone, you have nothing but you. And you might let him take that too. why can't you just wake up and see that he doesn't really love you. Nor does he want you all that much. It just upsets me to know that a person that is just flesh with a penis can ruin your life, and that any sensible person would just let him. I guess I'd just rather be alone. I've seen so many people go through so many things that it just confuses me. I just wanna shake them and say wake up lady he doesn't want you. Or he is just using you. No man who hits you is in love with you, no man who uses you for your money is in love with you, love is not that important. The love of the penis is not that important. So wake up and see that.

This is one of those moments where I just want to shake some women and tell the to WAKE UP!!!!!!

Thanks for reading :)

Forever Blessed, never stressed

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