Monday, December 27, 2010

My letter. .

Hello out there in internet land :)

I was sitting here and watching Celeb Rehab 4 thinking to myself how thankful I am for God. To just be there for me when I didn't even ask, or feel like He was there. I have often doubted Him for many reasons. Mostly being impatient when things were going bad, or getting worse. Often asking why me. There have been times where I felt as though God was punishing me for bad things I have done in my past to hurt people or even hurt myself. Watching different people, whether on TV or in real life, it just makes me so thankful to have God in my life. After watching this episode and thinking I could be anywhere right now and I am not, I am here in this house, in this body. Who is doing this for me, who has me in this space of my life where I know him. And it just made want to write a letter. Write God a letter of not only appreciation but of gratitude. I can only thank Him every moment of the day to show Him how I wouldn't be me without Him. Having faith and believing has kept me out of bad situations. If I ever had to write a letter it would be to Him.
Who would your letter be to?

Thank you for reading!
Forever blessed never stressed

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