Monday, November 28, 2011

Did you catch "For better or For Worse" on Friday!!

I did not get to watch this show on the premiere night. But the two episodes I saw so far are awesomeeeee. There was no laugh track so that is good. Tasha Smith and Micheal Jai White bring back to Angela and Marcus drama. But this time we the kids more and their fabulous house. The first eps the daughter that Marcus has with Kesha, whose name is Dominique go figure, calls Angela a hoe and says she heard it from her mama. Angela goes to tell Marcus to speak to Kesha about it. Of course he can't reach her. Angela still has her salon and has a very uppity friend who happens to be dating Marcus' business partner in the sports casting business. Fast Forward to the scene where Kesha and Angela are throwing down in the foyer of the house. I'm not sure why Tyler put that in there. The second eps ended with Kesha trying to hump Marcus at the TV studio and a friend walks in on them and runs out to tell Angela. I hope the next eps is as good as the first two.

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