Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why is it so hard for me to get dressed? And tips for finding what fits for my size.

Yes I have so much trouble shopping. Not because I am picky but because there are a lot of places who don't sell my size. Yes forever 21 and H&M are okay. But i think i am getting to the age where i want to shop at the grown up stores now.

Nothing against them or anything but how long will i really have some of their items in my wardrobe before they start to get the look of "it is time to let me go". Not just that but some things at most cheap stores don't fit my body correctly. The pants are usually too long and baggy, esp in the thigh area. Do not get me started on having a size 5.5 or 6 shoe size. OMG. I mainly have issues in places like Foot Locker and Finish line. I usually have to settle for what they have or shop at the children's store. Also Converse is my fave brand of sneaker so they don't make sneakers in women's sizes and I wear a size 4. I can never find the really cute ones in my size. Bakers and other places like this, I rarely have an issue with sizes except for boots. I have issues with boots because my calves aren't slim enough to fit most boots that come above my ankle. For example, I wear a size 6.5 in most shoes, so I have to go up to a 7 in boots just to fit my calves. It is a very tricky situation I know. People looking from the outside in think oh she is tiny so she has it made. um no. I have certain tips I live by on a day to day basis when I get dressed up or down. These tips have helped me a lot. I did not always dress for my body. I used to wear what I thought looked on me, but weren't always the best choices for my size.

Tip #1.   
    I always wear my skirts and dresses above the knee. Reason being is anything for me (My Height: 4'10") I don't need to look any shorter than I already am. I think that anything above the knee, not too far up my behind, is okay.

Tip #2.
    If I choose to wear a dress or skirt below the knee then I choose to nothing more than a few inches. I also never wear tall boots and long skirts. It hides me wayyyy too much. And i don't like to look like I am drowning in fabric.

Tip #3.
    Belts. I only use certain belt sizes. The width can't be too big because then it looks way to cut off. So I try to belt any loose tees or dresses or even skirts with a top tucked in.

Tip #4.
    I always wear my jeans tucked in my boots not over the boot. The best is if I have black boots and black jeggings. I think I look a little taller.

Tip #5.  
    A tailor is your best friend. If you have the funds to shell on on tailoring clothing then by all means. But I have learned to take in my skirts and dress pants in the hips and thigh area by hand. Just so they look more fitted then the average size I am wearing. I have yet to master the jean but someday I will.

Tip #6
    Jeans with pockets that basically cover my bottom just does not work for me at all. I'll go more into detail on my other blog about my "gain a bigger booty" journey. I try my best to wear jeans that make my butt look way bigger than it is. Some go for the opposite, but for me the bigger bottom the better. Some people say to wear really high heels to make your bottom look bigger. I don't thinks this works, but hey do you!

These are some of my tips for looking taller. Hope they help you as well.

With Love,

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