Monday, November 28, 2011

New Basketball Wives coming soon!

Although the season doesn't start until Febuary, we have been hearing that there will be two new  "Wives" added to the show. Who is out ask. Um duh Meeka Claxton. Lol. I mean it was a waste to have even had her on the show. Not because she is hood or w/e, I really like her. But because this type of show just was not for her.

First up is Kenya Bell, Former Miss Michigan and her ties to BB is that she is married to Charlie Bell. They also say she was arrested for allegedly stabbing him a few months back, so here comes drama queen #1. I bet she clashes with Tami and/or Evelyn.

Second up is Kesha Nichols, Former Net dancer. Which is how she met her ex-fiance Richard Jefferson. Her dramatic moment that got her cast to the show, she was dumped-via Email- not to long before her wedding day. I can only imagine what was going through her head. Then she was kicked out of her apartment. Dang....girlfriend should've made sure everything was in her name not his. Just in case that would have happened.

Of course I will watch if I have the time. I will try and also do the reviews. The show starts in Feb 2012 and is filming in both NYC and MIA.

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