Thursday, November 3, 2011

"I have not arrived where I wanna be...

...but I've damn sure LEFT where I used to be! God is Love Rev Run". When I saw this in the AM I was just like wow of all the days in my life. I see this right now. I am on my journey to becoming just a better me.

1. First thing I did was realize where I wanted to be. What I want to be? What I want out of life? For my life and for my family.
2. Then I saw who my circle was. Are they benefiting me of lowing me? Are they here for me when I need them, or not? Am I there for them? People who aren't doing anything to help better your life, esp when you are changing your journey. I used to be all upset and go "but they are soooo nice". LOL. That really doesn't matter to me. I am no dumping them as friends and family but they just won't be in my main circle and we won't be as tight.
3. Breathing. I have major issues with breathing when I am upset or worried. I get overwhelmed over just a about everything. I am learning how to just breathe.
4. After I breathe I let it go. Writing it down has helped me with that. I can not always go to a person and give them my troubles and whether than keeping it in all the time, I write it down. it is sooo therapeutic for me to right. I used to try and force myself to do it every night or day. Now its has to just be the mood I am in. Which like a few times a week. Esp Sunday. Letting go is tough but it will help in the long run.
5. I have begun writing along with Oprah's new show. Masterclass. I don't have cable but I do love love love Oprah's lessons. So I found out how to do the class without cable. I write and answer the questions. I watch yt vids. One person on the top of my head is Sugarfreetv. Shira is just the most authentic person on YT. She has saved me so many times. She has a blog too. I listen to Joel Osteen, I read Joyce Meyer articles, and I love Creflo Dollar.
Overall I just let the past go and move forward. It seems so difficult but it isn't at all. It has been the easiest thing I have ever done for me. And for others in the long run.

Hope enjoyed this post :)

With Love,

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