Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where are you?? Pynkstarr?

O dear. I did it again didn't I. I  love my readers so much but sometimes things just get so outta hand that you want to just not do anything. And I tried not to get to that point. When ever I feel a little bit, I guess you can say "lazy" or procrastinate I tend to just not be motivated. Nothing to do with you. But if I feel down for whatever reason then videos are not going to happen and neither are posts. I think that is why I tried to make a plan. A goal of how often I blog  a week or make a video. I thought that this would help me out a lot. Yea it didn't. Like not at all. I am just not motivated to do much of anything lately. I think it's the weather or the holiday season. I mean I also have some other personal stuff going on as well that is really starting to get to me. And I am letting it bring me down and suck out my energy. It is pretty hard for me to make a happy post when I am unhappy. I think that they only thing that will bring out of this funk is to fact that I know I am helping someone or someone reads my posts or watches my vids. I will get my ish together and believe me before you know it, I'll make posts that will make you tired of seeing me. LOL.
So I love ya'll and stick around.

With love,

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