Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Turkey Experience: The Menu

Hey all. This year is my first year making a Roasted Turkey. Last year I made a Roasted Chicken, which was soooooo super delicious. I made can everything because I felt kind of insecure about who I am as a cook.

I am growing ya'll. I cook almost everyday, but there are some things I am just scared off. So this year I prayed on it. And I asked my dad should I make a turkey, of course he said yes. Then the question was how can we actually get a turkey. After weeks of being upset about not being able to afford a turkey, I saw a post on my FB page saying where to go. It was like Thank you God. I don't use FB really anymore so I am just really happy to have seen that. So now that I have my Turkey I am able to build my Menu around that. I have been looking at cook books. Martha mags. Online websites like and They are pretty good.
My Menu:
Roasted Turkey 
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Baked Mac & Chez
Cornbread (Boxed, ugh I know yuck but next time)
Potato Salad
Collard Greens and Cabbage
And Pies (Frozen)
Corn Bread Stuffing

I know I am not making fresh pies, but I have an excuse. No money and not enough kitchen supplies! I can only do what I can afford right now. And I don't have the proper appliances in my opinion to make certain desserts the way I like them. Next year I will make everything from scratch. I am pretty excited about this. I will also post some vid and pics. Not sure yet if I am posting the recipes. But I may. Post your menus and ask me any questions you want to about my prep. :)

With Love,

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