Friday, August 14, 2015

3 Tips for Being a Fashionable College Student on a Budget!

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Today I would like to share some tips on how I stay fashionable on a budget, especially when it comes to the new term!
There is nothing like having fresh gear for the first day of school, I can't describe this feeling but it is super awesome to have a new look. It's almost like we are reinventing ourselves or something, which is some times the case for freshmen students. You are no longer in high school, you're practically on your own with no one telling you something is too tight, or too loose. 

We all love a new look. The issue is who can afford a new look plus books plus housing plus, plus, plus? Not many of us can! So for those of us who can't, I will share a few tips on how I have managed to save money and still look fashionable.

1. Create a budget- I understand it's hard to do if you have no job but for every time you go to purchase a latte from Starbucks, put that in a bank. For a whole month of not eating out or buying a latte, you can have enough to budget for the next month. Once I realized how much money I could save buy cooking my own lunch or making my own coffee, I just continued to live this way even after I graduated the first time.

2. Recycle and repurpose outfits- For many of us, we have so many options already in our closet, the issue is looking at what we already have. I always purchase tops more than bottoms because it is easier to wear different tops with the same jeans every week. I always repurpose my tops by just changing a few things. For example, you can wear the same top 3 times in a month by just adding a jacket one day, wearing a skirt the next, and wearing it with a belt the other day. Of course washing these tops in between is necessary, but you all catch the drift.

3. Thrift and consignment shopping!- *Que Macklemore* Although I didn't shop in thrift stores in the beginning of my college years, I learned real quick how much money I could save buy purchasing clothing that someone else doesn't love any more. Not only that but you can also make a quick buck buy selling your clothing to a consignment store then take that money to the Goodwill to buy some cute staple pieces. 

I hope you all enjoyed my tips!!

What tips can you share on budgeting for fashionable reasons? List a few below!

Thank you so much for reading!

XO, Pynkstarr!

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