Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 Awesome Study Tips I use to Get A's!!!

Hi lovely readers.

I often get asked about tips for studying and what I do to retain so much information for every course? 

The only thing that helps retain information is to take notes. Yes it seems easier said than done because everyone can't take notes properly. Any one can write down information, but if you don't remember what you wrote down then it won't be helpful! So how can you take notes and retain the information you are reading. Or what ever lectures your professor is doing.

1. Pen and Paper

I know that seems like a no brainer, but I have classmates who don't have either. LOL! Like how do you come to class without a pen or paper. SMH! So make sure you are always prepared. College professors usually only say things once so the time you spend asking for paper, you have already missed some great notes. 

I use binders with notebook paper only because I don't always take as much notes for some classes. And when I use notebooks I usually have so much paper left over, it becomes a wasted notebook. Or I write too many notes and I have to purchase more notebooks. I find using a 3-ring binder is the easiest for me to add paper and I can use the same binders for ever, just take out the old notes and buy new paper.

2. Bullet Points

Once you have your own method of taking notes whether you use a notebook or 3-ring binder you now have to come up with the way to take notes. I personally use the bullet point method. Which is basically writing down all the information that is needed on a test. I am an online student so I usually just write down what the professor highlighted. I also don't read the entire chapters because some of it is usually not useful information. Sometimes it's stories or something I won't need to remember. 

When I am on campus in an actual class I write down what sounds important. Like I stated in a previous post I read the syllabus and look for upcoming work so I can skim through the chapters before going to class. I do this so when the teacher says some keywords, I'll know what pages they are on.

3. Cornell note taking method

I have only used this method once because it really requires that you read the entire chapter thoroughly. Since that is impossible for me to I ended up going back to my bullet point method. But I have heard that this works wonders for advanced note taking. 

4. Definitions

Writing the definitions down is very important because most professors put these on tests

5. Anything in Bold!!

Everything is boldface font is usually where most professors go to pull information. This is the easiest tip to getting an A. Write down all the information in bold so that it's easier to spot when going back through your notes. Nothing worse than taking notes and not understanding what it is you wrote down.

I hope this informations helps everyone!

Please share what your study tips below!!!

Thank you for reading.

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