Monday, August 10, 2015

4 Ways to be An Organized College Student!

Hi readers.

People always ask me how do I stay so organized as a college student? 

The answer to that is always: I write down everything! Writing helps you retain any information you have in your head. Think about it, we have about 50,000 thoughts a day and yet we want to only remember 1. Unless you are a genius that is impossible to remember things to do, plus the random thoughts we have. So that's why I write down everything, plus I am more likely to remember something I wrote down then something I haven't. 

The next question I get is where do I start? This is a very common question because not many people are actually taught organizational tips. Not only that, but college professors assume you know how to take notes and that you will remember simple things like assignments and homework for the week.

But don't fret, I am here to help you get organized and to make sure you never miss an important assignment again.  

1. Always print your syllabus!

I used to not have a concern for these sheets of paper that were handed out in the beginning of the term. To me they were annoying and a waste of paper. But I quickly learned that if you actually read them, they have clues to assignments due in the up coming weeks. 

Reading through the syllabus will save you from any surprises!

2. Use a planner!

I have been bragging about my planner for months now, but the truth is I began using a planner back in the 6th grade. The problem is I never really took planning out my homework assignments seriously until I got to high school. 
When I professor gives you an assignment once, they usually never say it again. Although you printed out the syllabus, that doesn't mean anything if what the professor assigns to you isn't actually in the syllabus. By writing all of your assignments in some sort of planner, you will never miss an assignment again. It takes some getting used to at first, but once you start failing a course because you missed important assignments, you will get the hang of it.
 These are my old planners from college.

Here is my planner from Plum Paper Planner that I currently use for writing assignments.

There are also free printable options online, just search keyword "free printable planner". I also found a few on Amazon that will work just as fine.

3. Have the right supplies.

Okay now that we have the planner, we need utensils to write with. I have way to many pens because I love them, but I suggest you find a great pen that actually writes. If you are on a budget the Dollar Tree is awesome but be prepared for the ink to run out faster than say a Pilot pen. This one is my favorite from Amazon.

Other supplies are pencils, paper, notebooks, 3 ring binders
Now I am not perfect and I do forgot some times, but that's once in a bluemoon. Plus, because I am organized I can go back in my notes or planner to find something.

4. Keep an organized area, think Feng Shui!

My work area is filled with positive quotes, candles, incense, stones and crystals. It is just over all a good space for me to actually get my work done. I think that it also helps to have everything in the right place, like pens and note pads. I only say this because I love to be able reach for a pen and paper without having to search for something. 

I use drawer storage containers from the container store. But I found some cute ones from Amazon that look almost like mine. I love them so much because they are easy to clean and I can always switch them out and repurpose them. 

Here is my desk.
Everything has it's place!!

Well, that's everything! Wasn't that fun?? 

I love being organized and being able to share what I have learned works for me. 

I hope these tips help you for the upcoming college semester.

What do you do to stay organized...share below!

Thank you for reading!
XO, Pynkstarr

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