Friday, November 26, 2010

hair update-moldy mixture

Hola my lovelies,

The last few days have been so crazy and I haven't really had a chance to thank all of you for watching my videos or reading my blogs. Thanks you!!!!! Mwah.
Also I have joined, which is basically a one stop shop to communicate with other bloggers about beauty products. I love love love that site. So look for me at

Now on to the reasons I am writing to post. I haven't really used my spray mixtures as much as I used to so maybe that it why it became kinda ewww. I went use the spray moisturizing mixture and it turned into some nasty mold thingies floating. My dad has told me to throw it out, but I'm sad that I have to waste all that product. So my question is what did I really do wrong. I thought rosemary oil and vitamin E were both preservers. I guess not. The fact that its pretty gross to look at, I will not show you what it looks like. But I won't give up. At the moment I'm on a saving budget, therefore I can't buy anything new, but I am definitely going to make another mixture. This time Im gonna use more oils than water. And maybe some leave-in conditioner. Whatever it is I'll do, will def be posted.

Thank you,
Forever Blessed

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