Friday, November 5, 2010

Review-Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip color

Review of Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color!!!

(L to R) Ravin Rasin, Just Peachy,Think Pink,Vamp it up, and Bare it All

Hola Chicitas,

I bought these lip sticks about a month ago, and have been using them since then. I was gonna post like a haul and tell you to go out and catch the sale, but I got so sidetracked due to my job. Not having enough time to take the pictures and post them, or even write a full fledged review. Now you may ask what makes me an expert on makeup to review it? Well I have been wearing cosmetic products since I was 4 or 5. I know it's young to many but it was just lip gloss or colored glosses. Plus my aunt would sneak it on me because she was a makeup artist. So, I may not be an expert but I know a lottt.
Lets get to it shall we.

I purchased two colors because of the sale at Walgreens (20% off). Then I fell so in love with them, I went back and bought 4 more colors. (at the time of pictures one color was missing ={).

Price: $2-3 (wait for the sales to get them cheaper)
Packaging: Horrible. Its gets an F because if you twist the tube too much it the whole thing comes out. Also, the black stuff on the base from the tube on two of the tubes came off in my hands. Gross.
Quality: In order to not have that cracking on your lips you'd have to wear a primer, or you can just reapply all day. The quality isn't gliding. But after a few coats, is goes on smooth.
Grade: C+, only because I love the colors and it does last a long time.....which can be good for some and not others.

Try for yourself and let me know.

Stay blessed and never stressed =)

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