Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion week....Im back, kinda

 Hey ladies. I know there hasn't been any posting in a few days but blame the rain. I like the rain I do. But it is really getting on my nerves. The constant shuffling my stuff around in my basement is like ugh. Just when I started to think hey my life is back to normal. It rains again and more water comes into my home. Nothing truely important has been damaged but if you have ever been through this then you understand what I am going through. Not sure if and when the water is coming, how much will it be this time ???. All these questions are constant as long as it continues to rain constantly. I guess I am feeling a little bit down about that. One flood we had was so bad we lost our beds and basically everything u can imagine. I hope that the rain will stop but IDK. Soooo it's gonna be a while before I post a look of the week. :(....
But on the plus side HAPPY Fashion Week!!!!! OMG. For the fashion enthusiasts like myself. I sleep, eat, and breath style and fashion. This time of year is just always amazing to me. Like it does bring me a little joy for the week. I'll post some of my faves like usual. I love you all for reading :)

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