Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love mags

If the sight of mags give you life then I am not alone. I think I have been a mag addict since I was about 10 or 11. Before that I used to read my nana's Star mags, remember when they looked like newspaper. LOL. My first mag was Teen People, mainly because I love BSB sooooo much and they were always in there. From there on I continued purchasing every mag you can name at least once. I used to have at least 1000 mags. Some in bags under my bed, some in suit cases, on shelves, in dresser drawers. Everywhere. Then our basement flooded and that was it for my mags. It was also one of the most depressing moment of my life ever. I had spent thousands of dollars on my budding collection and it just got washed away. It took me a lonnnng time to purchase a mag again. It was like I was traumatized or something. Now I get at least 8 mags in the mail. And once in a while I go crazy at Around the World in NYC when I have money. I guess I just love to read.

With Love,

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