Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unemployed College Grad p.2: the encounter

The inevitable question of "so what have you been up to or where do you work". This question may seem to be a normal question to the employed, but to the unemployed or anyone isn't doing much with their lives this is the most dreaded question. It is like when  you break up with your bf/gf after years of dating and you would hate to run into ppl and explain why you broke up; over and over again. This has happened to many very many times before last week. Before I could say I was in school, or figuring out what I am going to do. This time I was totally stuck. This person was my ex-manager of a job I quit a year ago. I have since had 2 jobs. Why when things are going amazing in your life no one is really around to hear you brag. I wasn't necessarily embarrassed, more like forgetful. Meaning I kinda forgot I was unemployed therefore sort this person out to speak to first before they even saw me. Instead I should have just kept it moving. Freezing when the time came. 
Here is the short convo :
Me: OMG it is great to see you (insert hug).
Ex-Manager: I know it has been a while right.
(insert awkward pause)
Ex-Manager: So where you working now?
Me: (insert slightly embaressed face) Nowhere.

Before the words were ever thought of in my head that is what came out. NOWHERE. WTHeck was I thinking to say that. Then came that face of sadness for me. #sarcastic yay! Trying to make myself feel a little bit better about my situation I just said I may go back to school (which is true, when, IDKyet).

The point is how do you handle this crazy question in person. Ya see on FB, email, other social media stuff you can stall or pretend you didn't see the message beforehand. Or just lie. But in person it has to be something you can say. Something non-rude, condescending, or hurtful to the other party. Something that will make you look good and not like a failure. It also has to be something that doesn't come with open ended questions. Once I find one, I'll def share with you all. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me if you have been there before. 

With Love,

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