Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How I feel about Forever 21 now!

Now back to that Copyright infringement issue with my ex-favorable store. I used to be in so much love with Forever 21 since I was about 16 years old. Basically before they were always overcrowded on the east coast. I have since grown out of their style of clothing. Now I won't say I will never shop at the store again, because they have reasonably priced items. But lately with a lot of these stores like Forever 21 at times. The items are often repeated, overcrowded esp in NYC, sometimes not manufactured correctly, they fade after a few washes. If u calculate the amount of time you wash your fave pair of $60.00 jeans versus a $20.00 pair, and the actual times u were them. The result is you get your money's worth and then some by purchasing the $60.00 pair of jeans that will last maybe 20 years. And then with these allegations that have gone on for years that Forever 21 "steals" clothes has me totally torn.

I mean I understand inspiration for a line, but repeatedly over and over again things from the runway are being done over again in a more inexpensive way. I have a closet filled with their clothing that I love from Forever 21, jewelry and handbags as well. I purchased many of them because they did remind of designer duds. Not because they were completely identical like many of the allegations and law suits. I have even heard a few fashion icons criticize the store. I am completely torn on what I should feel on this topic. How do you all feel about these allegations? Will you continue to shop at Forever 21?

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