Saturday, September 10, 2011

jason wu ∆∆ the row ∆∆ s/s2012

Happy Fashion week. S/S 2012??? Can you say fashion overload already.

The Row left me saying okay some of those pieces are great, with other pieces. Me being the 4'11" girl that I am, I would totally drown in all that white. But that's how I see things on the runways. I see pieces not necessarily how they were styled for the show. I really enjoyed this show because white is a beautiful and angelic color for me. Some things had even the slightest hint of some silver, seagreen or blue. Not just because I used to be obsessed with MK and A....I have their dolls :). But I also enjoy the clothing in this line.


Jason WU his show was remarkable. There were an array of colors, Lime, Blue, Gray, Black, Blush pink. I mean so many colors. Cigarette pants are my fave trend so far on the runways. Flowing skirts and hot pants. Short shorts. Woo hoo....can not wait to wear some short shorts. lol

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  1. love it yeh fashion weeek rocks :)