Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unemployed College Grad p.1: Introduction

I have been contemplating on whether or not to make some posts about this on here or Reason being is because I usually post things about my life on that site. But since this is a life and home site why not. The title basically speaks for itself. I graduated from college a year ago, and have yet to find the place that is supposed to be my long time job.

My career. I have had two jobs. One was basically a place I thought I could grow, but turned out to be a disaster with a capital D. Then I worked for another place for an event back in Feb. But other than that I have just continued to apply to dead ends. Oh wait I did get a call back for one interview. But that didn't work out because it wasn't my cup of tea I guess you can say. The pay was low, it was part time, I had to pay fees for stuff when I hadn't even been hired yet. Another dead end. Since Sept. I have looked for hundreds of jobs in so many different fields of work. My degree is in Fashion Marketing and Management, which is basically the hardest degree at the moment to have. Because I have Marketing, Management, and Business education it kinda helps.

Every job out here right now are basically stuff I am not nor have I ever been interested in. Healthcare, IT, Driving, Construction, and Sales (I hate sales). Also because I was in school a lot I have not many years of experience, which in a weird way I sort of regret. I am basically like I should have gotten that amazing job first then finished school later. But then a lot people would be asking me for a degree. What I have learned from the last year is that businesses care way more about experience then they do about education. And the ones that want 5 years experience and a degree, says they need an older person not a recent grad to apply. There is no one I know personally that is 23 years old with a BA or MBA with 5-6 years experience. I say that because the kind of student I was I dedicated my life to school, maybe I shouldn't have done that IDK. But I didn't have time to pay attention in school and get 5 years of experience in one place. And even if I did have that many years of experience, my GPA wouldn't be as high as it is and I wouldn't have been on the Dean's List multiple times, nor graduated Cum Laude. That took time and lots of hard work.

I am hoping that this issue will help people who are going through what I am going through. To let people my age know they are sooooo not alone. And through faith things will get better before you know it. This is not my last post on this topic. I'm going to show you guys how to organize and network and all that good stuff. As well as some sites that have jobs. Hope enjoyed this post.

With Love,

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