Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love mags

If the sight of mags give you life then I am not alone. I think I have been a mag addict since I was about 10 or 11. Before that I used to read my nana's Star mags, remember when they looked like newspaper. LOL. My first mag was Teen People, mainly because I love BSB sooooo much and they were always in there. From there on I continued purchasing every mag you can name at least once. I used to have at least 1000 mags. Some in bags under my bed, some in suit cases, on shelves, in dresser drawers. Everywhere. Then our basement flooded and that was it for my mags. It was also one of the most depressing moment of my life ever. I had spent thousands of dollars on my budding collection and it just got washed away. It took me a lonnnng time to purchase a mag again. It was like I was traumatized or something. Now I get at least 8 mags in the mail. And once in a while I go crazy at Around the World in NYC when I have money. I guess I just love to read.

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OOTD : 2 become 1.

I have been kinda of late with these I know. 
Therefore I have dbl up :)
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Why I love the boxing kitten

Unemployed College Grad p.2: the encounter

The inevitable question of "so what have you been up to or where do you work". This question may seem to be a normal question to the employed, but to the unemployed or anyone isn't doing much with their lives this is the most dreaded question. It is like when  you break up with your bf/gf after years of dating and you would hate to run into ppl and explain why you broke up; over and over again. This has happened to many very many times before last week. Before I could say I was in school, or figuring out what I am going to do. This time I was totally stuck. This person was my ex-manager of a job I quit a year ago. I have since had 2 jobs. Why when things are going amazing in your life no one is really around to hear you brag. I wasn't necessarily embarrassed, more like forgetful. Meaning I kinda forgot I was unemployed therefore sort this person out to speak to first before they even saw me. Instead I should have just kept it moving. Freezing when the time came. 
Here is the short convo :
Me: OMG it is great to see you (insert hug).
Ex-Manager: I know it has been a while right.
(insert awkward pause)
Ex-Manager: So where you working now?
Me: (insert slightly embaressed face) Nowhere.

Before the words were ever thought of in my head that is what came out. NOWHERE. WTHeck was I thinking to say that. Then came that face of sadness for me. #sarcastic yay! Trying to make myself feel a little bit better about my situation I just said I may go back to school (which is true, when, IDKyet).

The point is how do you handle this crazy question in person. Ya see on FB, email, other social media stuff you can stall or pretend you didn't see the message beforehand. Or just lie. But in person it has to be something you can say. Something non-rude, condescending, or hurtful to the other party. Something that will make you look good and not like a failure. It also has to be something that doesn't come with open ended questions. Once I find one, I'll def share with you all. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me if you have been there before. 

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YES YES...Finally the RHOA are coming back

Nov 6 at 10pm. And doesn't it look soooo juicy.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unemployed College Grad p.1: Introduction

I have been contemplating on whether or not to make some posts about this on here or pynkstarr.com. Reason being is because I usually post things about my life on that site. But since this is a life and home site why not. The title basically speaks for itself. I graduated from college a year ago, and have yet to find the place that is supposed to be my long time job.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYFW Jumpsuits

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NYFW: A-Line dresses

NYFW: Colors every where

NYFW: Cigarette pants

Emmy Night My faves of 2011

News in a flash!!

∆∆∆Yesterday I was listening to the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 in NY. When my girl Angela Yee made a statement about Rayj and Fab fighting. I was in shock and said no way, but then Ray J called in to the show. BEWARE there is cursing a LOT!! RAYJ goes in on FAB on Power 105.1  

∆∆∆ Then Fabulous calls DJ Clue and explains what really happened. So much drama always in the hip hop world. Fabulous on DJ Clue

∆∆∆Melanie and Stephen and baby Madison cover Hello Mag! Melanie and Stephen

∆∆∆ Happy Belated Birthday Angela Simmons Angela

∆∆∆I am so excited about this news that is coming up. I love June Ambrose. And can not wait to the show next year. Hope they do change the name though. The June Amberose Project June

How I feel about Forever 21 now!

Now back to that Copyright infringement issue with my ex-favorable store. I used to be in so much love with Forever 21 since I was about 16 years old. Basically before they were always overcrowded on the east coast. I have since grown out of their style of clothing. Now I won't say I will never shop at the store again, because they have reasonably priced items. But lately with a lot of these stores like Forever 21 at times. The items are often repeated, overcrowded esp in NYC, sometimes not manufactured correctly, they fade after a few washes. If u calculate the amount of time you wash your fave pair of $60.00 jeans versus a $20.00 pair, and the actual times u were them. The result is you get your money's worth and then some by purchasing the $60.00 pair of jeans that will last maybe 20 years. And then with these allegations that have gone on for years that Forever 21 "steals" clothes has me totally torn.

I mean I understand inspiration for a line, but repeatedly over and over again things from the runway are being done over again in a more inexpensive way. I have a closet filled with their clothing that I love from Forever 21, jewelry and handbags as well. I purchased many of them because they did remind of designer duds. Not because they were completely identical like many of the allegations and law suits. I have even heard a few fashion icons criticize the store. I am completely torn on what I should feel on this topic. How do you all feel about these allegations? Will you continue to shop at Forever 21?

Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women: Michelle Obama

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Be Back Soon!

Sorry to be gone for so long, NYFW is exhausting. But I will return on Tuesday for a lottttt of posts.
Muah have a safe week ladies and gents!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Solange, Tika, Beyonce, Nicki, NYFW backstage

I love fashion week don't get me wrong, but I am pretty happy it is over. It's so exhausting to look at 35-40 looks for 200 plus designers. But also gives me some pretty nice ideas for looks for S/S 2012. Today is the close of the shows in NYC {insert tears here}. Some looks in my opinion were basically repeats of years ago. They do say with fashion things fade out but always come back and that is the truth. I saw some 60's and 70's inspired collections. As well as some modern WTH looks. lol. This year it was all about the front row :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Betsey Johnson and Rachel Zoe NYFW2011

I know I love NYFW but I am exhausted already. Betsey and Rachel Z are the two women in the whole planet that have inspired me to get into the fashion game. Betsey is just full of spirit and spunk. And Rachel always says some of the most inspirational words ever on her show. I haven't finished the first ep yet but I just love her.

My Future leather shorts


No I do not have them yet, but I will soon have them. They are everywhere now. At first I was like eww because of all the sweaty. Then I thought of Ross from Friends and Eddie Murphy in Raw.  Now they are nothing like that I hope. :)

Coach goes 70s

My very first memory of Coach was in elementary school when a lot of the girls used to carry the bags with all the C's on them. They came in different colors. I pretended to not care but secretly wanted one. I have yet to purchase my Coach yet. I guess I was just waiting for the perfect bag that would be worth the price. I think it's cool that Coach has decided to re-release classic 70's handbags--my fave decade. Will I purchase a bag from this collection is the question?

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Elle Cover: Chanel Iman

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Luca Luca, Prabul Gurung,

Prabul Gurung

NYFW 2012: Christian S.

 I have always loved Christian Siriano since when ever. His collections are always so elegant but edgy and this collection is just that amazing. Between the bright colors of tangerine and lime, A-line dresses, Lennon shades, peach suit. This collection had me in amazing awe. I love this time of year.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

jason wu ∆∆ the row ∆∆ s/s2012

Happy Fashion week. S/S 2012??? Can you say fashion overload already.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Current news in a flash

Evelyn quits Twitter and BBwives. I think its a good idea for BBwives. But not Twitter. Only because it can help her business grow larger. But here is the link for the store. {necole}

Reese Witherspoon gets hurt and rushed to the hospital {MSN}

Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars for 2010 {YBF}

Larenz Tate is starring in a new BET film {YBF}

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Fashion week....Im back, kinda

 Hey ladies. I know there hasn't been any posting in a few days but blame the rain. I like the rain I do. But it is really getting on my nerves. The constant shuffling my stuff around in my basement is like ugh. Just when I started to think hey my life is back to normal. It rains again and more water comes into my home. Nothing truely important has been damaged but if you have ever been through this then you understand what I am going through. Not sure if and when the water is coming, how much will it be this time ???. All these questions are constant as long as it continues to rain constantly. I guess I am feeling a little bit down about that. One flood we had was so bad we lost our beds and basically everything u can imagine. I hope that the rain will stop but IDK. Soooo it's gonna be a while before I post a look of the week. :(....
But on the plus side HAPPY Fashion Week!!!!! OMG. For the fashion enthusiasts like myself. I sleep, eat, and breath style and fashion. This time of year is just always amazing to me. Like it does bring me a little joy for the week. I'll post some of my faves like usual. I love you all for reading :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion Starr© of the week∆∆∆ Lala Vasquez Anthony

 I am so feeling this tuxedo look that LaLa wore to " Night of style and Glamour". Therefore she gets the Fashion Starr© of the week.

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Organizing my wardrobe

 This closet was I believe like 30 bucks. My dad purchased it for me to put alllll my clothing in. But because I have way to much clothes this is more like a quarter of my wardrobe. Plus I kinda dbled up on the hanger space. Placing more than one item on hangers. I suggest a clothing rack rather than a closet like this one only because I have issues with the middle bar being pulled down too low. Other than that it's all good. And they keep out the dust bunnies.
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I think I am in love with....

SAM EDELMAN's shoes.

I need some handbags

  I really enjoy handbags as much as I do shoes. I really need a nice hand bag to wear around for fall. After reading a few mags I saw this brand called OliviaandJoy. They have a few items in Macy's as well. Here are my faves.

I love Rachel Roy Shoes.

 I love Rachel Roy Shoes. I didn't find that many choices on her site but I did find a few pairs I need to add to my wardrobe between now and next year.

 I just really love shoes now. And since I am still unemployed {day 283 to be exact} I am preparing now for my future amazing shoe haul ever. No clothes don't define me nor do other material things. But it is something about when I really want something that I can't go out and buy it :(. Whatever though I am A-OK; kinda.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Starr look of the day-the Beatles

Today I woke up with this horrible spasm in my neck and chest area. I am not big on hospitals, or bills they come with, therefore I have decided to wait it out. But I had this photo from last week. I really love the Beatles so I paired my tee with a vest and some jeans. It was rather warm last week but I still love my black boots.

Carmelita Jeter wins World Championship

∫∫∫∫Non-Fashion related news∫∫∫∫
Recently I have really been into track and field event on TV. Between Allyson Felix and Carmelita Jeter, I am unsure of who I like most. And today they have to run a 200 meter against one another. I wish them both luck.

America's next top model all stars cast

I am pretty sure you all know by now about the upcoming season of ANTM being an All-Stars season. This season in m opinion is meant to perhaps redeem models for their past issues since ANTM. A lot of them have appeared on many other shows since ANTM, like Lisa was on Celeb Rehab. Hopefully this show is good. If not then I am def going to be over ANTM for good.....okay maybe not for good. Here is who I am looking forward to seeing.

Michelle Obama on the cover of Essence

Mrs. Obama looks fabulous on the new cover of Essence. I can't wait to read it.