Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration update

     Hey all. I know it's been a longgg while since my last post. Believe me I do not like taking time off from anything I love doing. I really enjoy writing and blogging is the easiest way to get my thoughts 'that cross my mind' out there in the world. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. 

     Still unemployed but I am doing a lot better as far as my anxiety goes. I do not take meds for it because I like to work certain things out on my own and through prayer. I know to some people it may sound coo-coo crazy but that is just how I function. The crazy thing is, a month ago this time I wasn't doing so well. I was just down and out and so very depressed it was crazy. I didn't even want to get out of bed some days. I was feeling like at that moment things would be that bad forever. I felt alone in a way because I felt like where is my family and friends. The people that I have done things for when things were going well for me. I must admit I can be a little dramatic at times so I'm all like where are the people. When in fact I was never alone, God has been my rock forever and although I have always said that in my head, I never believed it or had the faith that I have now. It sounds unusual to some but when you have faith, things just seem to work. A few family members and friends have come through for my dad and I. It's just an amazing blessing to have certain people in my life. And it's also great to understand why they are here for me. But that's another story. I just did not want to leave my blog hanging for too long before I wrote a post on how I have been.

Besides becoming more spiritual and trying to find my way, I have been watching a lot of reality TV and other TV shows. BGC 8, BBW 4, Braxton Family Values, Project Runway all Stars, ANTM. I mean the lists goes on and on. When I am not applying for jobs or thinking of new business ideas I watch shows, oh and Youtube videos. I'd go crazy if I spent 8 hrs doing job searching. There is a part of me sometimes that feels guilty when I take a short break from that, but then I realize I am only human who needs free time too.

Now I won't make any promises about my blog schedule just yet. Only because I never know if my internet will work so I don't want to plan and then it goes haywire, that seems to happen to me a lot lately.  So instead I'll write as soon as I can. Hopefully next time it'll will be a post about my new job, keeping your fingers crossed. Thanks for reading . Talk soon

With Love,

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