Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Fashionable Experience Part 1: Finding my Passion

   I am not sure if many of you know this but I majored in Fashion when I was in college. And the other day I was brainstorming of what I could do differently with my blog or what can I add. And it hit me. When I wanted to go to a fashion school there was no real place to or person to answer my questions. I was 15 about to turn 16 when I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

    That's also around the time I dropped out of HS. Before this I wanted to go to college to become a vet. But in the back of my mind I wanted to work with clothes too. So being home everyday for the first time in years was a really amazing eye opening experience . I learned that I could never be a vet, putting someone's do to sleep would give me nightmares. Then I started learning how to cook (thanks to B.Smith and Martha Stewart). So I decided to be a chef with a side passion of fashion. Once the chef idea went out of the window I decided to become an actress.

    Now I decided this because I wanted to be famous. So I did all this research about schools and colleges. What classes to take. All that type of stuff. And then from there I would open up my own fashion boutique. I also should mention that I asked my mom for a sewing machine for my 16th b-day. The issue was it came with no petal and I never bought one so I only know how to sew by hand. Okay, back to the story. No matter what it was that I wanted to do I always knew fashion was somewhere around me. I just never took it seriously enough to want to be in the actual fashion industry.

     To me it wasn't a real job to make money. It was a job that you did after you made the money doing something you probably hated. Once I finally realized I could be a successful Fashion (fill in the blank) I knew that that was what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. After completing my GED program I went to a 2-year college and majored in Communications because I still wanted to be an Actress/Fashion(fill in the blank). I was 18 at the time and just going with the flow of life. This is what everyone else did. They went to school then they went to college then they got an amazing job. And became RICH!!. I should've known, because if my track record, that my life wasn't that simple. I had to eventually drop out of college to work full time to support myself, my dad, and my 2 dogs. It was extremely hard but I still had the desire to work in the fashion industry. I met with my future school and was so prepared to go back to school, until they told me how much my balance was after FA paid their part. My dream just went down the toilet after that. I felt awful.

     By the summer of 2008 I had realized that I couldn't give up and my fashion career should be taken more seriously in order to be successful. I asked God that if this is what I was meant to do then send me a sign. I got a letter shortly after, out of no where, from a college that was hosting a Fashion Workshop for 2 days. We would travel to NY and meet designers. I was so excited. This was what I was supposed to do. YAY!! This was something I loved. I hated my job by this time. I mean really hated it. So I quit. i had enough savings to get me  through 2 months. That's it! But I quit anyway. It was becoming an anxiety to even get on the bus to go everyday, they had cut my hours, I mean it was a disastrous place. The following week I went to the workshop and met some girls, who were all still in HS, that loved fashion just like me. We went everywhere! Times Square, Michael Kors, Barney's. I mean we were just walking and traveling NYC, it was awesome. It made me forget about my problems for just a little while. I also learned that if I really want to work in the fashion industry I needed to working Retail. Boy where they wrong

Part 2 : My 1st Retail experience (coming up)

With Love,

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