Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick look at my menu for the week

Am I on a diet? Hell to the naw. But I am learning, at least trying my best to eat better. more healthier. Although the boneless chicken wings with blue cheese I had this week isn't healthy at all. Any hoo, I love to take picks of my meals so here they are.

Perdue's Boneless Buffalo Wings hmmm

For my dad: Turkey and cheese wrap with French dressing,letts, and grapes

Homemade fries (recipe coming soon)

French toast is my favorite breakfast in the world

Fried Tilapia with homemade sauce on top(recipe coming soon) and a  side salad with french dressing

Chicken Parm

Roasted chicken with seasoning rub (recipe coming soon)

Cream cheese stuffed French Toast (Recipe coming soon)

Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for watching

With Love,

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