Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mondo Won! Braxton Finale! Jersey Shore Reunion

 I watch a lot of TV and some times I have no one to talk to about it. LOL. Pretty funny I know, but true. So I have a lot to spill on this weeks TV.

BBW was ridiculous with all that fighting. Can you believe that these women are mothers and they are in their 40's. I mean come on. My little cousins don't even behave like that. They know that when they go out in public to sit and hush up. Evelyn used to be my favorite because in the 1st season she was so bold, a women who took what she wanted. Now it is just a bad look her tryna fight Jenn outside the restaurant like that. Shaunie has said repeatedly that all this violence is not what she wanted for the premise of the show, well then stop filming certain things.

Bad Girls Club was so sad because MiMi left. Isn't she the most adorable person ever. She left because she was home sick and forgot her passport for Mexico. The twins are still being beyatches towards everyone and have now outcast-ed themselves from the other chicks. They go to Mexico just to do their on thing. When they come back home and go to a party Amy starts flipping out in the limo and everyone basically wants to fight the twins. The twins go to the producers saying they want to go because they don't deserve to be ganged up on like that. I mean come on they beat up Elease 6 against 1 a few episodes ago.

Mondo won on Project Runway All Stars.

What was up with Wilam leaving on Rupaul's Drag Race??? What a curve ball for me and you right. I think he had partied with certain people that he wasn't supposed to. I read on a blog interview that he did it on purpose to stirr up the show a little bit. Rupaul made Sharon Needles and Phi Phi perform for their life but disqualified Wilam right after.

I tried to watch the Jersey Shore Reunion but it was sooooo boring.

I watched the Finale of BFV which was off the hook. The usual arguments. Toni fired her sisters from back up singers. Miss Evelyn isn't getting married. Trina file for divorce. And Tamar wants a baby with Vince, I think that is cute. She has her own show coming out so we shall see.

That's about it as far as TV goes. Gosh that felt good to talk about with someone else besides my dad, who never really listens.
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