Saturday, April 28, 2012


Let's be creative

Everything in my opinion happens for a reason. I see certain things a specific time because, I believe, it is meant to be.

          Like recently I had been feeling no purpose or inspiration for anything. I was looking at all these very creative people become a success story over night, wondering what are they doing that I haven't. I have tried everything as far as making a quick buck is concerned I was no longer the person with the dream of becoming a powerhouse in the fashion industry, but instead I was the person chasing the money. In 2010, September to be exact, I was put in a situation that made me hate the industry. I didn't see how far I had come nor did I have a vision of my actual purpose in life. Instead I saw sad, depressed people, walking around with horrible attitudes, and like zombies due to lack of sleep. I didn't want this life.

          I need happiness, I need security, and definitely peace of mind when I come home at night. I wasn't sure where in the fashion industry I'd end up but I knew I was on my way. I had just come too far and jumped to many hurdles to just stop. Well, that did not come to me at the time. After I had this event I realized, which was the same week I had graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, I said I would never work in this industry full of unhappy people.

        So I got a job at a shipping company, that went all wrong. Because I was chasing the money I wasn't happy there plus it was super overwhelming for me. So last year, after doing another event I said fashion is not where I am supposed to be. I mean if it was I'd be what I used to think was my purpose. So instead I spent most of 2011 trying to find myself. I became much closer to God. But I didn't put him first. Nor did I put what He wanted me to do first. It was more like what can I do to make money. First I decided it was my calling to make jewelry. I am very good at designing, but this I later found out just wasn't for me. Then I began research on becoming a Teacher. HAHA. I still laugh at that one. That was just too much money to shell out for tests and things as such. So by mid 2011 I had this amazing idea to start a new blog. This was definitely my calling. It worked for 3 days then my internet company said enough is enough.
         So I had no internet. My calling was gone forever then came my internal genius to never give up. I found an amazing connection to use temporarily. By the end of 2011 I realized that the fashion industry is where I am supposed to be and I have spent the last few months figuring out my next move. It has been way harder than I thought it would be, but then I started hearing these "What is my Purpose?" titles everywhere. From YT, to blogs, to TV shows, commercials. Finding my purpose is what brings me to the present day. I was told a while ago to pray for inspiration and ideas. So I did. And now my creative juices are flowing like crazy. I just had to open up my mind and listen. And there it happened. And it is still happening.  Get your creative juices flowing.

With Love,

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