Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 6: My Miranda Priestly moment

Around Sept 2010 I was in the groove of things until I had to work an event for my internship. It was a disaster. Not because of my employers but because of one of their designers. The company I worked for were Sales Reps, which is one job in the fashion industry that I do not want to do, but they were great at it.

I mean watching them working was awesome. I was excited about this 3 day trade show event. I couldn't wait. Then the first day I get there and I am told I need to go to the office to get curtains for one of the people they rep. Um okay. I shuffle back to the office in a cab, carrying this big ol box of special curtains that the designer had to have because she felt as if her both looked awful. It was crazy. But it gets worse.

      My job during this event was to work with the Reps not the designers. I mean make sure that the designers were doing okay and that their booths were okay but that's it. This designer had me fetching her coffee, food, posters, banners, ladders. I had to say wait a min her I am only one person. She even got me in trouble with my boss because while I am out fetching her banner my boss is looking for me. So she gets upset and hangs up on me, which I totally understand. My boss explains to me, look you work for me, and I work for them. I def got it. From that day on I did what I could to avoid that designer, but she got me the next day, and the next day. On the last day I had an epiphany of this "Fashion industry".

     Some people that are in it aren 't as nice as you think and not many people smile. I am a happy person, all the time 24/7. I am just very smiley. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to smile because of so much depression just wasn't worth it anymore. So I decided to move on from my fashion dream.
I graduated on September 19 2010 on the Dean's List and with a 3.7 GPA. I mean it's not a 4.0, but who is complaining. I graduated, at that time, with a degree I would never be able to use because I felt like I didn't want to working in that field anymore. I got an admin job, which was another disaster so I had to quit. I was under so much stress there it wasn't even normal. I had also gone to the ER like 6 times for stomach pains and migraines.

     Then in Feb 2011 I did another event for the same people, because I love them. It was different this time because I felt so lost. Like why am I here. It was until late 2011 I realized I can't just quit on my passion for working in the fashion industry. I just need to take the time to develop my business plan and figure out what it is that I want to do.

With Love,

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