Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 4: What was I thinking

This time around my job was awesome. Yea I had to go home late because I had school in the morning, meaning I could only work at night. But the people were nice, it was a smaller environment. It was more family oriented. I felt on top of the world. Until January when we got a new manager. Ugh.

You know how that goes when someone new just basically changes the whole dynamic of everything. Between school and work I was exhausted and extremely anxious. I had to stop working for a while because of these major headaches I was having. Really bad migraines. I just needed a break. School was going great I was taking a Retail math courses, which I loved so much. The awesome thing about being a fashion major was we were able to pretend a lot in class. For my Visual Merchandising course I was able to develop a window display. My Retail Math course I got to develop an MS Excel plan for cost of any items of my choice. Luckily my current job was at a male store so I did male shoes. I was the only one to do that of course. And I got an A for being unique in choosing male shoes instead of women's wear like the otter 20 students did. After I realized I needed more money I went back to work, but with shorter hours. Only on Sat and Sun and 9-5. I started taking classes in NYC, which was just so amazing. We got to go to stores and study eyewear. My professors in NYC were just so much more different then my campus professors. I think it was the environment, plus H&M was not to far from my building, which meant I was in there like everyday buying something. Everything was going great until summer term (my last term) I was told I couldn't have FA because I had ran out of assistance. It was a disaster. I had 2 weeks left in school for my spring term but I was just done. It felt like again my dreams were not coming through. I gave up. Then my professor called me and told me to never give up on something that you want so badly. It was my last term why stop now. So I found out I could take out a loan that I had never heard of before. I was just excited to be able to hopefully graduate soon. And do my internship.

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