Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

 I have had this crazy issue that has been bugging me for the past few weeks now. It involves the new best-selling read called '50 Shades of Grey'. No I have not read this book so I won't be judging the words of the actual book. But the words and reviews of others from news personalities, to everyone else.

     If you haven't heard of this book then I suggest you do some research. Like I said I won't judge the book because I have not read it.  Will I read this book? Maybe in a few years.  Anyhoo, everyone has had such a strong opinion of this book because it involves a lot of sex.  It is, to most people, very controversial and very out the box. Basically people are pegging it the Harry Potter of the adult community as far as becoming a hit book turns into box-office movie that will make the author a billionaire. It costs an arm and a leg to purchase.  And I heard there was a waiting list.  Women all over the world are holding book club meetings every week.  And lots of couples claim to have a better sex life now than before the book was out. 

     All this and that. Okay I will not take a way from the author in no way, but this is my opinion of this situation. When I was 13 years old I remember finding this book I had heard about for months from people at my school. Before this I never actually read anything that wasn't for school, or a magazine. I hated to read books, novels, all of the above. To me reading books was picking up a copy of Us Weekly.  But on this day I picked up the book that would change my views on reading, it was called 'The Coldest Winter Ever' by Sister Souljah.

    I enjoyed this book so much that it only took me 3 weeks to read it; I would've finished sooner but I had HW and you know how that goes.  The book was just great. I wasn't that far behind when it came to sex because I have just always known certain things about sex before this book. But there were just so many graphic things I had never heard of before. But it opened my eyes to what I call the 'Urban Read' genre. I say urban because it breaks everything down, it had drugs, sex, cursing, all that amazing, down-to-earth, hood attributes to keep my attention. I get very bored, very easily and this book was not a bore what so ever.

      Since then (circa 2002) I have read sooooooo many books related to the 'Urban Read' genre. From Eric Jerome Dickey to Zane to Karrine Steffans; her second book was such a bore I had to stop in the middle of the book, it is currently holding up a part of my closet. This is where my issue comes in though with '50 Shades', no shade to the author, but there were tons on books being read in the Urban communities, written by every color you can think of.  With just about the same story lines, if not juicier, I don't know because I have not read the book.

       I feel as though people are discrediting the Urban writers by not giving them the right credit they deserve.  Why hasn't anyone, besides Terry McMillan, get a big budget movie deal based on a book made for people that look like me? There are just so many authors out there who write wonderful stories but receive no acknowledgment from people in the industry outside of, dare I say it "the hood".  Maybe once in a while there is a straight to video adaptation or a local play, but that's it. This is not a racial issue. It's more of a talent issue.

       What makes her book sooo different from any other Erotica/Love story out there. I guess I need to buy the book and read it to really judge. It just kind of upsets me just a little bit. If it wasn't for Youtube and bloggers, not many unknown 'Urban Reads' would even be known outside of just word of mouth. I appreciate E.L. James as a writer as a women, with the gonads to actually write a book like this. I am very happy that it has become so popular and for all of her future opportunities. It is just something that was an issue for me.
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  1. I agree with you, and we discussed this at our bookclub meeting a few weeks ago. I guess to us folks of color, we know what is out there as far as the "urban" genre. I was not surprised at "50 Shades", however the story line (minus all the sex) actually had some depth. Was it the best book? no (I've read all three) EJD can write circles around the author of 50 shades. Unfortunately EJD doesn't get that kind of shine. The books appeals to many women because of many many reasons that will take me too long to post about, but, after this long winded comment, I just wanted to say yes, I agree. sidenote: the coldest winter ever was the second book I read as an adolescent that "exposed" me, the first one was Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree that had a deceptively young adult cover.

  2. Yes I totally agree. Thank you for replying. I will read the 50 shades book series before the year is out just to see what all the it is about. Flyy Girl was actually my second book to read right after The coldest winter ever. I love them both. For the love of money, true to the game, I mean you name it and I may have heard or read it.