Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Fashionable Life Experience: Part 2 My 1st Retail Experience

I was just so excited when thievery popular lingerie store called me for an interview. It was like the stars had aligned mysteriously. I had my interview and things seemed to be going great. I had always wanted to work at a clothing store for some strange reason. I think it was the discount. Well that love turned to hatred with in a few mths.

Now I don't really think it was the actual store I hated it was just too much to do for so little bit of pay. I had to get credit cards, make sure customers were spending at least 50 dollars per person. It was just a disaster. Also it was two bus rides away from my house making it difficult to get there daily with sucky pay. I thought this is it. I am supposed to do this for the rest of my life in order to work in the fashion industry. The craziest things happen at the craziest times in our lives. At the time I didn;t know it was God. I just thought it was a coincidence. I went to a job fair looking for a better job when the school I had applied to months before was there at the job fair. Talk about crazy right. I talked to them about possibly reapplying for FA now that I wasn't making much money and neither was my dad. I went in that next month to put a down payment of my tuition with the last little bit of money I had. I remember my day saying are sure you want to do that. No I wasn't sure. Because this money was no refundable. But I just told him I had to get my career going if I wanted to be successful. By Dec 2008 I had decided that this store was not for me. Retail and Sales wasn't for me. So I quit and started school in January.

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