Saturday, July 26, 2014

TV Review: The Killing !!!!Spoilers!!!

I have been watching the Killing since season 1. At first I thought this show would suck. I mean come on A&E isn't my kinda channel. But after watching the first episode I rather enjoyed it. Then I kept coming back for more. Then my internet got cut off and I just had no way to watch it anymore. So I watched Season 2 premiere and kinda gave up on it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found out that Season 4 was the last season and would be on Netflix. I decided to give it another try, but not before catching up where I left off in the first place; Season 2 ep 2.

I binge watched the remainder of Season 2, only to find out that they literally spent 2 whole seasons on Maggie Larsen. Here I am thinking they finally found the killer. But nope they hadn't. Of course I know the killer now, but I won't spoil it for you. So Season 3 started off with a bang which I love to be pulled in in the opening scenes of every show. The gist of Season 3 is Linden is no longer a detective. Holder has a new partner, who I hear is a big deal in Season 4. Linden had a case 3 years ago where this little boy was found in the closet after his mom had been decaying for one week in their apartment. The main suspect was the husband who is now on death row and only has two weeks to live.

Holder and Reddick have a new case of a teenager who reminds Holder of Linden's case 3 years ago. Where the killer cuts the women up in a specific way. Holder tells Linden, Linden tells Holder she has a new life. Linden visits her old partner/lover, Skinner, to reminisce about the dead mother. Skinner reminds her that the husband was the killer and that he is sentenced to death in a few weeks.

Bullet and a few others are also introduced in this Season. Bullet is a teenage runway who becomes cool with Holder after her BFF becomes missing. She assists holder in finding some of the spots most runaways are hiding.

Linden finds 17 bodies of teenage girls all of who was cut in the same way as the dead mother.

Linden then becomes a detective again working with Skinner, who she had an affair with years ago when they were partners. Linden believes that the husband in jail isn't really the killer but just doesn't have the proof.

Fast Forward a bit. The husband, Seward, is executed after Linden tried to save him knowing that he didn't kill his wife. But it was too late to help him. Linden and Holder discover that the boy may have seen the killer dump the bodies which is why his mother was killed, the killer was really looking to kill him. Linden and Skinner end up having sex after Skinner left his wife. Then Linden finds out that Skinner is the killer when she  goes to his house to find him and sees his daughter with a ring on from one of the missing girls. Thinking that Skinner has the missing boy Adrian they drive to the woods. Holder finds them and tells Linden that Adrian is safe and that Skinner never had them. He tried to convince her not to kill Skinner because there are more girls out there to be found. She kills Skinner anyway.

So now we are coming up to Season 4 where Holder and Linden have a secret...I am assuming killing Skinner is the secret. I don't know what the secret is but whatever it is I can't wait to see the new season. Which is 6 episodes but 1 hr long with not commercials :)


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