Saturday, July 26, 2014

TV Review: Project Runway Season 13 ep 1

I finally had a chance to watch the new season of Project Runway. Before that I watched a special they had where they followed the contestants to their homes. Which became really interesting pretty fast when I saw that one of the contestants was an Atheist. Now I have no problem with anyones beliefs because A) I know absolutely nothing about Atheism B) I have my own issues to worry about.  But the issue is with Lifetime. I didn't know it was okay to where t-shirts with labels on them on any show.

It makes me wonder if they have this because they know some people will watch for the shock value. I mean it is what it is, but if this is a ratings thing then I thought Lifetime had more class than that. But I have heard it's not the channel it used to be.

I did enjoy the season premiere. From the looks of the season I can't wait to see the episode with the raining runway. I mean how cool is that.

They started by narrowing down the contestants from 18 to 15. Zac Posen, Heidi, and Nina Garcia are still the judges. And of course Tim Gunn will always be a mentor. They pick the 15 contestants and I must say the 3 they got rid of just were not that interesting for TV anyway. I have so many faves so far. Mitchell, he is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and I love him because his aesthetic is unique to his story. He keeps mentioning that he had it rough growing up so I am looking forward to him bringing more of that to the table. He was in the bottom this week but I think that will wake him up a little bit for next week.

They had to pick fabric from a black chest and they only had 1 day to design, sketch and sew. EEK! There goal was to create a look for a spring collection.

The top 3 were Amanda, from season 11. Yes they brought her back in an online poll. Also my girl Charkita from Detroit, her outfit was the best to me. The winner was Sandhya. Which surprised every one because her clothes don't look conventional. I mean I enjoyed her look but I don't it was winning worthy.

The pictures above are the looks I enjoyed the most.

I will definielty be watching the show, even tho the controversy will annoying in the up coming episodes. But I still will enjoy the fashion shows, which to me are the best part.


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