Friday, July 25, 2014

TV Review: BAPs Season 1 Ep 1


Yep that's how I felt after watching the first season, first episode of BAPs. Which stands for Beautiful Black Princesses/Princes. Nothing against the show concept, I understand what the network was doing. They wanted to show black folks who had education and come from something not just from the "streets". Yes I was annoyed of seeing that too. I mean there are tons of black people who went to college and graduated, but all we ever see are the ones who didn't. Therefore allllll blacks are considered uneducated and lazy sitting around collecting welfare. So I get it. Educated black people would be a different step forward had they not been so stuck up.


The funny thing is I heard that saying all my life. I have always been called "stuck up" "wanna be white" all that you can think of to me down because of how I spoke, where I come from, or how I treated people. Now I am not saying all the characters on the show are stuck up but half of them are. Besides that it was a little dry for the first episode. Here is my version of the recap:

Anisha is a single mom, dating a thug(the other BAP's word not mine) co parent, dramatic gossip queen. And she is my favorite. She is a little loopy but I do love her for her down to earth personality.

I don't dislike Gina but her segments had her come off as "I don't have a man because I am too educated".

Then you have Kristen who has a beef with Anisha for a fight that happened two years ago. Yep. 2 whole years ago. I consider myself an adult not because of my age but because of how I act. I have behaved this maturely since I was in the womb. So when I see women argue like 5th graders it's just embarrassing. And it's not just this show it seems all the shows I watch are like this. Esp the women.

So here is what was said.......two years ago. Kristen being BFFs with my girl Anisha just flat out called her a bad mother. (and from the looks of future eps she will say it again more than once). Anisha was going through a divorce at the time so Kristen pulled that "tough love" excuse. This comment caused Anisha to tell Kristen that her womb is cursed.

That is all the recap that's important, because that is the ONLY thing that happened on the episode. I mean yes, we meet a few other characters but all they kept talking about were Kristen and Anisha's fight and how they have to get them together. And that is another thing I hate about reality shows they always feel the need to have "get togethers" around the time people are beefing with one another. I mean I get it, it's dramatic for us at home to watch. Kind of suspenseful in the essence of "what will happen at the restaurant". But I don't know about any of ya'll but I don't want to see, speak to, bond with people I don't like. I don't want to be in the same room as them let alone make up. Once we are done, that's it. And that's me with all relationships.

So will I watch again? Maybe. But only because of Anisha. I love her!

Thanks for reading!!!

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