Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I really don't enjoy doing wash n gos!!

Every time I see a video regarding wash and gos not being for my type of hair I get really angry and do one. Then I get angry at myself for trying it knowing dang well the last time I tried one, my hair was a mess. A big mess. I am going to start video documenting them more. lol. People need to see the bad as well as the good hair moments I have.

Well I saw another post of a girl doing a wash and go, I said "hmmm I love that" " She may have my type".....btw I am "4C". Which is the most kinkiest form of hair. So this time I decided to try it. At first it looked great and shiny, but by the next day it looked at bad curly mess. So I put it in a bun. It probably didn't look as bad to some as it did to me. My hair curled up pretty nicely but I just wasn't feeling it.

Here is what I used on my freshly washed hair:
Tresemmee Naturals condish
ORS Lock and Twist gel on the right
Eco Styler gel on the left
Denman brush

By day 3 I was over it. I twisted my hair up with Shea Butter mixture. And the above picture is the result. It was dry looking but it felt soft to the touch. I believe, but not certain, my issue isn't the lack of moisture but what I think is the type of moisture I use. I have been using Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave in. It smells great and works well the first day, but afterwards I have been noticing my hair dries out fast. It could also be my wash routine. Idk what it is but unless I do the LOC method my hair dries out so fast.
I washed my hair using a new conditioner so I'll keep you posted on the out come :)


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