Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tv Review: Hit the floor

The latest episode of Hit the Floor just wasn't for me. It was one of those episodes that make you wanna punch the TV screen. One main reason is Asha's naivety. No one on earth is this naive right?
Some of the lines they give her I just can't deal with them. Telling Jelena about your routines and where they are is like telling a thief where the key is to your safe.

 I used to dislike Jelena but she has become my favorite character now because at least she is smart. She is wise. At least one step ahead of everyone.

Sloane finds all of this evidence against Oscar, but leaves it in the office.....really?! After Asha tells Jelena her routines are "on her mom's desk" she finds this evidence.

Other than that part it was kind of uninteresting. Derrick gives Asha her stuff. Jelena learns that Terrence has an important Drs appointment regarding his knee. I mean dang he is willing and able to mess up his life just for a few games. Don't they give players a nice retirement package? I mean just retire and then make an awesome come back and win the playoffs after the surgery. But he'd rather damage his knee for a lifetime. Jelena convinces the Dr to let him do some special treatments so he can make it through the next few games. Jelena also was unable to make practice, which in turn Asha's routine was voted best. This upset Jelena of course but she killed her routine. Sloane and Raquel has recruited Kyle some how to do some dirty work for them. Which might get her killed.

Sloane goes to sneak around Olivia's house then Rick Fox pops out like you looking for me. She looked so scared lol. But he's on the run because he was framed for his wife's murder. He tells Sloane he raped Mia and then tells her about a storage locker that may contain evidence against Oscar. Yep the same evidence that she left on her desk that is now in the hands of Jelena.

German is sleeping with the news reporter girl who he just met 2 days ago. While in bed she gets a text from Zero who over heard Derrick and Terrence talking about the knee issue. He also over heard Derrick and Jude talking about the coke situation. Zero was in Jude's shower because they are kinda dating but not really.

Oh yea Lionel and Pete are officially dunzo and he is back with Sloane. Lionel asked Jude to take her to the premiere when Jude slipped up and said they instead of he or she to describe his new boo. Which everyone knows is a way of hiding gender. So he confesses that he is gay, well kinda confessed. Oscar tries to sleep with Lionel and she says eww, Oscar tells her she'll be back. Yuck!

That is basically the jest of the latest episode. I really didn't enjoy it because it built us up with this Oscar take down just to some how make Jelena Queen bee again.

I mean I do understand that they have to keep us on our toes. It worked because they've been picked up for a season 3.

Can't wait to see what's in store for the season finale


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