Thursday, July 24, 2014

TV Review: Sisterhood of Hip Hop sneak peek review

Hey ya'll there is a new show out called,

I watched the first I guess you can call it an episode last night and I must say it wasn't all that bad. But I don't think it's "rachet" enough for todays TV reality shows. Although I believe we have come a long way as far what we like to view (look at the success of scripted dramas out now). I still know we still like our reality shows to be a little hood. 
So here is what I thought!!!

How do I feel about what the first season is going to bring?

Well let me start by saying the sneak peek showed some promising episode. One fight I believe between Siya and her GF. Which appears to be interesting. But the majority of the show is based on 5 women fighting to be in this male dominated world called Hip Hop. The only one I have heard of was Diamond from Crime Mobb. I mean that takes me back to HS. geez. Then she goes and says she's only 24 years old. Um, am I really older than her?! yikes.

Who is in the show?

Well as I mentioned above Diamond from Crime Mobb is in it. Her drama is basically her dating life. She has more drama with that then music making. So we see her trying to drift away from the drama, then they show her in the studio with her Ex boo Soulja boy....I mean who's ex isn't he right?! Then there is Siya an openly gay female rap artist, the first I might add. She is signed to Tank's label. Who knew Tank had a label. They show her trying to be herself and please her gf. They probably will break up. I hope not tho they look great together. But we know how reality tv ruins most relationships and marriages so we'll see.

Then there is Brianna a college student turned rapper. Nothing interesting there except her momager is going to bring the drama with her drinking. She may have to fire her. She grew up in the rap world because of her home town MIA being the foundation for some of the best hip hop artists out such as Rick Ross....who makes an appearance in the show.

Then it's Bia who started on YT and was discovered by Pharell. I actually like her (pictured above) because she seems like she is trying to make a way for her little sister. And she doesn't dress all boobs out all the time, which I really miss about the 90's hip hop artists.

Last is Nyemiah Supreme, the lady with the blonde hair. Is this a new trend again?! ugh. Lil Mo?! Anyhoo she is from Queens and wants to make her city proud, but some conflict with the ladies may happen because of her stank attitude. Which to me is a just a NYers face, they all look like they are mad but are gooey on the inside.

Well hopefully the first episode is dope because if not, it won't make it to season 2.

This show appears on Aug 12th at 9pm ET

Can't wait


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