Thursday, July 31, 2014

TV Review: The Haves or Have Nots Finale

So um....yea. The season Finale for the Haves or Have Nots was really good. It didn't disappoint. Only thing I didn't like was when David went in Maggie's hotel room. That doesn't really seem like something David's character would do, but I believe that's the point of having a "wow" factor in the season finale. Not everything will be cookie cutter for TV. Maybe his character is just fed up with Veronica's attitude towards life.

The Harringtons

Let's get into Veronica's character for a second. In the beginning I loved her because she was a successful black women from the hood. Married to a successful black man from the hood. Together they have a son who is gay, which she doesn't approve of. And honestly I feel like it hurts her to hurt her son the way she is, but she is doing it I think not because she hates gay people or the fact that her son is gay. I think she, like most mothers of men, wants a perfect son with a perfect life. So they can be perfect black people on a perfect street full of white people. She is being selfish by pushing her feelings on to her son. I am sure Jeffery knows it will be hard to be out and free but he's okay with that. And so is David. But Veronica needs to know that the ideas that all parents have for their kids are unrealistic. And who cares how people will feel about it, it's about family first. I would never make my children feel like they can't be themselves. But this is a soap drama, but still there are mothers out there who treat their children this way on a daily basis.

Jeffery and Veronica are still using poor Melissa for the public eye. Not only are her feelings going to be hurt when she finds out about Jeffery being gay but I am sure he is attracted to Landon, will probably have sex with him next season, and will probably have sex with Melissa again. All because he doesn't to be a grown up. He needs to stop using this car as an excuse to stay in the closet. That is getting old too. The father is upset that Veronica has played with this girls emotions and tries to convince her to give him the car, she refuses of course. This could be why he turned to Maggie for comfort.

Amanda's Crazy Ass

Then we have crazy Amanda. I mean her character has taken a weird turn. Yes I understand her rape has a lot to do with it but I feel like either get her some help or make her better some how. Then what heck happened to the teacher she stabbed like episodes ago. Was she dreaming or did he die? I mean where did he go and how do you explain that to your wife and daughter? Now she is hooked up with Candace's ex Quincy. Amanda invited him to a party at the house where he confronts Jim about Candace's whereabouts; they fight. Quincy also revealed to Amanda that Jim was messing around with Candace but Jim lied about that. Amanda gets upset and runs off. Later that night she starts running around the house with the gun and it goes off. We don't know what happened.

Candace and family

So Candace's character these last few eps have been chill. I am assuming due to her being kidnapped she doesn't want to stir the pot too much but now she is getting boring. The young family isn't as interesting as before. Helen did get her job back which is good. But she also found out the Quincy may have killed her grand baby over money Candace owed him. The story line is confusing too.

Best for last....Wyatt :), oh yea and the other Cryer crew!
Wyatt is so hot. But he is as dumb as a door knob. Jim found a look a like to take the fall for his crime, which will probably come back to bite him. Lisa from Coming to America was pissed so I am sure she will figure something out. At the same time Jim's intern, who I knew was his son, finally came out and said so. Then Celine said it was her son. :O I didn't see that coming. Wow. So now I wonder how many other kids Jim has out there. Jim didn't really seem to care that much tho, he had him fired from his campaign. Wyatt like everyone else was shocked to learn from Veronica that Melissa was Jeffery's GF. LOL. Katherine's character is just not as interesting as the beginning. She used to be so tough, and strong. Now she' kinda lost it now that Celine is pushing her to a breakdown, her kids are losing their minds, and Jim is "handling" everything. When Helen came there to apologize about Wyatt, which I wonder if she is just apologizing so she can snoop for clues. Helen was hired back against Jim's will, then the old Katherine Cryer came back. Maybe Helen brings out the best in her character. :)

Oh yea Jim goes outside after receiving a text and get bum rushed by all these black guys lol. So hilarious. How did they even get on the property. Who knows who did that? Was it Candace? or Quincy's goons? Who knows.

We have to wait until January 6th 2015. Until this Tyler Perry has yet another show. It looks good enough to tie us over until January.


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