Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hit the Floor Season 2 finale: who killed Olivia?! Top five fav points

OMG that ending was not expected but expected. I also say that because I figured a curve ball was coming from someone we least expected.

Since the season finale was such an explosive one I have decided to narrow it down to my TOP FIVE favorite moments.

Number 1. 
Oscar and Lionel get married!
Oscar and Lionel are getting married. All of this is part of a plan made by the one and only Jelena. Which is why she was so cool with giving up the information to Lionel last episode. All the the team and devils girls attended the wedding including Sloan. Who went in Lionel's bag to still the microphone from her bag. Poor Sloane thought she did a great thing until Oscar found out that she was the one who turned in evidence against him. Another plan from the wonderful Jelena.

Number 2.
Jelena's grand Plan!!
Jelena's plan was her best work. She gave Lionel the evidence she stole from Sloane. Lionel then tells Oscar if he married her she wouldn't expose the gambling records. They get married but Lionel hid the microphone in her bag on purpose because they knew Sloane would sneak in to steal it and turn it into the cops. The crooked cop sees her and tells Oscar during his arrest that she did it. While Oscar is in jail Lionel is in charge of the Devil's empire. Since she is in charge Sloane can't be touched as long as she is the manager of the Devil girls, but has to fire Asha. Who surprisingly took it well.

Number 3.
The Devils are champions, at a cost!
The devils were down in the last quarter by 2 points when Terrence took them into OT. This caused his knee bone to pop out. Very graphic kids. Derrick had the ball and instead of passing it to Zero he shot it and the Devils won the championship. Derrick's mom came to visit to see her team win and invited him to a dinner to celebrate. When they got to the restaurant Derrick realized that his mom had set him with a bunch of people looking for investors. Derrick finally told her the truth about herself. Then told her how the only women who ever loved him, he hurt, Asha. He then goes to the house to look for her. But she isn't there.

Number 4.
Zero and Jude's love affair!
Derrick made the winning shot for the championship which upset Zero, who only came to the Devils to be the star of the team. Jude's plan the whole time. Now Jude is basically in love with Zero but Zero is still in the closet. Jude informs him that he doesn't care about the public but will wait for his call. Zero tells him his real name, an olive branch in the right direction of creating an actual relationship in Season 3, maybe?

Number 5.
German killed Olivia
So why beat around the bush. After they do a flash back as to what happen we see Olivia on the floor dead and person holding a red envelope with Asha's name on it. But I was like that's a dudes hand. It was German's. :O. The thing was I knew it wouldn't be none of the main suspects that kept being showed. I thought it was Sloane. But it turned out after Asha moved out of German's apartment he got the letter. What ever the letter said it could have either ruined Asha or German. The kicker is that now German and Asha are back together. So I can't wait for Season 3!!

Will you be watching Season 3??

Thanks for reading

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