Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 episode 3 review

Hey all.

So I finally watched Thursday's episode of PR and I must say something is different about the production of this season. Like I love how they switch it up but there is definitely something new going on. Besides the makeup and hair switch that they do different every few years. 

This week the challenge was based on the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire mag. I thought this magazine is much older for some reason. They had to recreate a look for the future(2034) based on a look from 1994.

High point was seeing all the designers pictures from the 90's, the low point was Angela's constant crying. She cried the whole show. That's me all the way I cry and stress a lot. But never in public. And I never put myself in highly stressful situations that I think I can't handle. You can't say anything to her because she becomes os upset and frantic.  

I must say they only look  enjoyed was Sandhya's because it was so unique and different. I also enjoyed Emily's little jacket Ewok style. It was festive to me. Then she had a pretty jumpsuit underneath. My second fave. 

I also enjoyed Mitchell's look. It seemed comfortable. And kinda reminded me of a 90's work out outfit. :) But in a good way. Luckily he was safe tho because I didn't think the judges would like it.

Samantha's design reminded me of the movie Clueless. That was her inspiration. She even had a back pack to keep the theme going.

I am happy for Sandhya because not only did she win the challenge again but she won over the hearts of so many of us with a great spirit. Like she is so peaceful to me. She hasn't even bashed anyone  in her interviews. All she says are positive things about everything. She must meditate because she has such great energy to me.

This episode was better because you get to see what else the designers have going on. Korina is definitely the mean girl this season. She says bad things about everyone. Amanda has great designs but I feel like she wants to be to free this season so her designs are so boring. She won last week tho so hooray for her. I was so disappointed in Char this week. Her clothing wasn't poorly fitted which is why she was safe otherwise yucky. She can do better.

Angela is the one who went home this week. Like I said she cried so much. She was running around like a chicken around the design studio. Everyone was wondering why she was running. She may get better if she is able to come back next year. 

Each week the people with horrible designs and poor construction will eventually come to light. 

See ya next week for more recaps!


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