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TV Review: The Killing Season 4 episode 1 recap *spoilers*

I think I have been anticipating this season of The Killing since two years ago. LOL. At least it feels that long anyway. This new season is the last :(. But so far so good. And since it comes on Netflix now, we get to binge watch all six full hour episodes in one sitting. So let's get to the recap, spoilers will ensue.

We start off with  Linden cleaning up in the bathroom of her house. I must say she has the whitest bathroom I have ever seen. The crazy thing is the last time she was here was with Skinner. After washing off the blood from her body and hair. She burns her clothes in the back of her house. Holder pulls up tell her "no one has to know what we did". They go inside to get their stories straight about what happened. They also dumped Skinner in the water off the island so no one would find him for days. I mean what if he wasn't dead and he just got out the water or swam some where. Anyhoo!! As they discuss their lie Linden notices blood on Holders jacket. She goes and cleans it after yelling about him not cleaning up properly. Holder tells Linden they need to go see Adrian so they can get him to not name Skinner as the car that was following him after school.

They leave and arrive at Adrian's house in the morning. Reddick has been there all night with Adrian's mom. Reddick is suspicious of Linden's being nice to him and inquiring them of where they were all night. Also asking what happened to Holder's hoodie. I can tell he is going to be trouble in future episodes esp after asking him about what Holder said about "getting him"--him being Skinner for telling the IA about the fight they had. So Linden talks to Adrian and convinces him into believing that he doesn't really know who he saw in the car. Adrian is too smart for that. But we'll see how that turns out. They leave and Holder has to calm Linden down by informing her that what they did they had no choice. She shot him not in self defense and would spend her whole life in jail. Plus she's feeling guilty that they won't know where the other murdered girls are because the killer is dead.   Holder tells Linden to go home and get some rest, she refuses at first but then realizes she can't lose it right now or else things will get suspicious. Holder goes to see his GF. Linden goes to the pharmacist to get the morning after pill. She also curses to the pharmacist for no reason, takes her pill and cries in the car. They go to the station where Reddick and the other detectives are joking about  Holder being question by IA. Holder and Linden go into their office to find the board of the missing girls. Reddick states they had no where else to put it. Linden and Holder tell him to have it removed. Then he tells them about a new homicide they have.

A family of 4 have been murdered by their son who is in Military school for bad behavior. Philip, Linda, Phoebe, Nadine and Kyle Stansbury. Kyle is the only survivor who was also shot in the head. But since his prints were on the gun was next to his body they believe he did it. They head to the hospital where they run into Col Margret Reign. She is in charge of St. Georges where Kyle attend military school. The dr comes out and informs everyone that Kyle will be fine but they can't see him until the AM. Linden tells the cops to guard the room so that they are the first to see him when he wakes up. They head back to the station to discuss the new case when an officer walks in with a photo of Skinner's plate. Linden takes it and tells the officer she'll handle it. Holder then yells at her and asks if there is anything else she needs to tell him. She says no.

Holder learns his GF is pregnant. I really can not imagine Holder being a parent. He gets upset with his GF as if she is the only one to blame, although she did "forget to take her pill". Mean while back at Linden's house she still has her gun and casings used to kill Skinner. Then she goes upstairs to clean the bed she made love to Skinner in. Then starts crying. The next morning Holder shows up to tell her that Kyle is awake and they have new evidence about the gun used in the murder of the Stansburgs. There were two different guns. Meaning it was someone else. They go talk to Kyle and Linden notices Kyle doesn't remember what happened nor does he know his family is dead. Then they head to the military school to question the Col. and check on some things about the school and Kyle. Linden notices that Kyle's bed wasn't made. Holder spots a kid going to smoke so he leaves Linden in Kyle's room. The spoiled kids says that Kyle wasn't noticeable because he was quiet.

Back at the hospital the family lawyer informs Kyle and Col. Reign that he is in the care of the school until he is 18, which is in 3 months. His family left him no money until he is 35. Col. Reign asks the lawyer what about funds for his college etc. The lawyer says it's nothing noted about that. The lawyer leaves. Col. Reign tells Kyle she can see to it that he stays with his Uncle but Kyle says he never him. She tells him she'll bring him some books and leaves. She decides to come back to the room and sees Kyle crying.

Holder and Linden are trying to figure out if Kyle did it or if someone else did. Holder thinks he is guilty and Linden of course feels like something doesn't add up. Reddick takes Holder to lunch and Linden goes to visit Kyle at the hospital. He states that the last thing he remembers is being at school for parents day. As she goes to leave she leaves her card, and someone is looking through the window. Then she looks at the window and no one was there. She leaves and goes back to the Stanbury's home. Holder tells her they didn't find any gun in the lake. She tells him she shot a calf in the woods while running one day. He tells her not to worry. Then he asks about the gun she says she left it on the table with the casings he tells her to get rid of them tonight.

Holder goes home and tells his GF to marry him and that he wants to be there for the baby. Awwwww! Linden looks around the house some more then calls Holder and tells him you can see inside the house at night. She goes home to get rid of the gun and casings but there is only one casing instead of two. She begins looking for the casing when some one knocks at the door. She thinks it's Holder and tells him to wait while she frantically looks for the missing casing. She hears the door creek so she goes to see who it is. It's Skinner's daughter looking for him. Linden say's he isn't there but she doesn't believe her and continues to call out for him. Linden closes the door and sits on her steps as Skinner's daughter continues to cry and yell for her father.

That was such a great first episode. I mean I was surprised to not be bored like most series finales are. Now I think I may have figured out most of the parts but I'll keep them to myself just in case I am wrong. Now I am trying to decide whether to watch the remainder episodes or space them out.

Hope you enjoyed this recap.

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