Monday, August 11, 2014

BAPs Season 1 and Episode 3 review/recap

This show is unreal every time I watch it I am in shock. I feel like when I watch many reality shows I see how others try to emulate upper class black people but just end up looking like a hot mess. Well if this is the only example of upper class black people then they are all the same. The same people that diss poor people or look down on poor people act no different than the misrepresentation that is out there. That poor people don't work, live a ghetto lifestyle and have nothing going for them.

Besides the beautiful homes that the people on this show have, they have a lot of those "qualities" that they look down on. They go around gossiping about one another. They spit on people during confrontations. They have public confrontations all the time. I just don't get the difference. Which is why I always ask why people put rich people on this high pedestal. Everyone wants to buy expensive clothes and homes like these people, I guess to fit in. All I am saying is we as black people have no shows on TV currently that represent the well-educated, diverse, wealthy African Americans. All we have are either loud and ghetto, wanna be bourgeoisie people. Are the ones who pretend to be someone they are not and are always bankrupt. 

I guess that is what reality tv is for though, right? To see drama by any means necessary. To make as much money as possible and to be able to have a million twitter followers. 

Okay on to my recap. I know I complain every week yet I keep watching for the entertainment. What does that say about me.  LOL

Anesha and Brandon are talking about the dinner she had with Kristin. He was doing his best to explain to Anesha how she delivers certain things to people. But that went through one ear and out the other. Anesha then brought her kinda relationship with Kendrick. I thought they were dating but apparently they are just "kicking it". And Anesha doesn't know what they are doing. Like really after you hang out with someone for 8mths you should be dating because of course after a month or two you all had that convo right? Anesha plans to have this convo soon.

Gina and Kristin go shopping for Gina's upcoming date. They also discuss Anesha of course and her attitude. I mean Anesha is right people do focus on her a lot. Gina I think just wants to get laid tho after those outfit changes.

Anesha goes to meet her Kendrick to discuss Brandon's party she is throwing. I feel like they just had a party. So Kendrick tells her that not his cup of tea to party with her friends. She gets upset. In walks Rai-Rai to give Anesha back the money she owed her. And then asked her uncle Ken to write a receipt. LOL. Just crazy.

They all head to the party where the focus was of course Anesha and her small ass cake. Like really that cake was so small for a party size of 10. Gina, Kristin, Rai-Rai, and Riccarda discuss the tension coming from Anesha feeling like an outcast. Which I didn't know there were outcasts for people over 30. Riccarda tries to reconcile the relationship between Anesha and Kristine and they kind of hug it out. There's a food fight that caused laughter between the two. This confused Gina.

Anesha and Kendrick go bowling so that they could discuss their relationship status. He feel like they are hanging out and going with the flow. He doesn't feel the need to define their relationship....this is from his personal interviews. She never even asked him what type of relationship they have just what his thoughts were when they met.
Gina, Rai-Rai, Riccarda go rock climbing and discuss Anesha of course. Anesha is getting ready for another party for the city. Some masquerade type of party. She is at home getting ready for the party when Kendrick comes in and tells her he doesn't want to go. She gets upset and asks him what they are doing. And brings up the fact that her ex never wanted to go out with her either. Kendrick tells her she is picking the wrong people. Which is correct to me as well. Why keep dating non BAPs when all you do are BAPs events.

Gina goes on a date with a security guard. It was so awkward to me because she kept making sexual jokes.

At the masquerade party they mingle a bit, especially Anesha who was talking to everyone. They all go in to the chambers ( the location of the party was city hall) to take a break from the people. In walks Gina to tell them lets go back out there to mingle some more. She says "Bam". Anesha makes a joke about that word being played out. But because Gina already hates her she goes all the way off. Everyone was looking at her like what just happened. Anesha laughs it off. Even Rai-Rai was like what in the hell. LOL. Ken pops up to surprise Anesha in a suit. They kiss and she tell him about Gina. That was it.

Next week may be another good one because Gina is going to go awf again. 

See ya next Wednesday!!!

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