Saturday, August 2, 2014

TV Review: BAPs Season 1 Ep 2

Okay I know I said I was not going to be into this show but the latest episode was pretty good. Also my new favorite character is no longer Anesha. Her attitude in this episode was just bad. She may either be on something or just crazy. They were drinking a lot in this episode so maybe that's it.

The show continued at the party at Brandon's house where Anesha and Kristen were still arguing about nothing. Anesha leaves and tells her BF Kendrick that he needs to go in there and talk to Kristen to defend her. Like who does that. Men arguing with women is just not my cup of tea. I will never stand to be disrespected from a women but I am also not going to allow my spouse to confront a situation I am having with a women. Esp one that happened before she even met him. So Kendrick is like why are you this way towards her and that way. Brandon and Jason are like just let them handle it. It's very much a bitch move to go in on another woman on your spouses behalf. Same with women going in on a man for their spouse. I am just not into men and women arguing. It's annoying.

In walks Rai Rai, Kendricks niece and the client of Brandon. Anesha has a problem with her as well because she bailed her out and never paid her back. Anesha acts stuck up like who invited her to the party. Her BF tells her he won't choose between his GF and niece it's not fair to do. Anesha leaves the party upset.

Anesha is at home with her son and assistant cooking for the nights dinner party. Her ex bunny arrives to take the son to karate, then the son starts crying which was so sad. Either he hates karate or he just rather spend every moment with his mom than his dad. Gina, who I love so much now. At first I wasn't feeling her because I thought she was just stuck up. But this episode she seemed sincere and concerned about Rai Rai's feelings. The BAPs do this thing where I am assuming they take poor little black girls and raise them to be junior BAPs. Which is what Anesha used to be towards Rai Rai but not despises her over $400 bail. Either way Gina took her to lunch to see what was up with the situation and Rai Rai seemed quite confused herself about the party. She called Anesha fake. And also proceeded to use other curse words in public while they were eating.

In a nut shell of this episode Kristen talks to her mother and Gina about the spitting and friendship with Anesha and they both say they should work it out. They go to dinner and realize they should no longer be friends. I mean I agree because they are toxic for one another. Also Gina and Jason mistakenly invited Anesha to a radio interview to discuss the classism between black people. Jason said that we still have a way to go. Anesha sees nothing wrong with being a BAPs and growing up privileged. Jason wants to shy away from that whole BAPs situation. And Gina is more so understanding towards us less fortunate black americans.

Although I am farrrrr from being a BAPs I grew up in a two parent household. My father worked full time with benefits and all that stuff. So I had more than most of my friends who didn't have the things I did. The struggles they had about food on the table or being able to go to different places. Or get what ever I asked for I didn't understand until I got a little older when I saw what struggles were like. So at least Gina and Jason understand even though they didn't have to go through that.

This episode was better than the last one. And in the previews for next week ep.3 will be even better!!

See ya then!

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