Monday, August 4, 2014

Hit the Floor Season 2 Episode 11

Last night's episode of Hit the Floor was so juicy. I mean of course I was super mad about last weeks let down. But I understand why the writers do what they do. 
So to recap the episode.

Sloane returns to her office to see her envelope is missing. Jelena is always one step ahead of everyone in everything. She literally has eyes all over the country. Sloane has an Oscar-take-down group meeting with Kyle and Raquel.They disband since all the evidence is gone anyway. Terrenece's injury is now in the media, Jelena tells him about Zero. Oscar is supuscious after that ME called him about the girl he sent, when Oscar never sent a girl. The ME goes missing. LOL. He knew he messed up big time. Oscar spoke with a cop who is looking for the ME and informs Oscar that Chase was cleared of killing Oliva and that he is now the new targeted suspect. Oscar will not have it. He talks to Jelena about staying in her place. She informs him she is not the one he should be worried about. Lionel is pregnant and goes to tell Pete when she over hears him and Sloane exchange I love yous. Sloane cries in the bathroom and runs out upset, bumps into Jelena, throws away baby shoes. 

Jude now needs to make sure his alibi with he and Derrick being together the night Olivia died is still intact. Kendall gets an exclusive with Derrick regarding his future with the team and questions about Terrerence. Zero and Oscar are talking in the stands and Oscar knows he needs Derrick more than ever now. So he tell Kyle of a new plan regarding cocaine and other drugs. A video camera and some cash to taint Derrick's chase to leave the Devils if he planned on it. She agrees to help him. German questions Kendall's motives about the information she had to give up in order to get a raise. I mean why did he expect anything less right. Kendall is a cool girl but she came to LA to work and will do anything to get to the top. 

Team heads to Boston, MA. They do a flash mob dance. Sloane calls Jelena to speak to her after Asha informed her that Jelena was in the stadium late last night.  Then Lionel pops up at her house. She blames Sloane for her marriage never really being a marriage. yea and I am sure alllll that partying and drinking/drugging had nothing to do with it. She tells Sloane she hates her and leaves. While in Boston I noticed some chemistry between Asha and German. AWWW.

As Asha is practicing to Tinashe's 2 On in walks German. He gets a lap dance from Asha then leaves for his date, more like sex date with Kendall. Asha continues to practice her strip tease a lone. Then German comes back and they have sex on the floor ewww because that floor is Christina Augiulera dirrty!

Jude goes to tell his dad about Sloane and Raquel's plan when his father interrupts him and tells him about Olivia and him meeting. Oscar had Olivia followed and saw everyone who she spoke to that day. He assumed it had to do with the fact that Jude's neighbor informed him of his male on male activities. Then tells his son he won't except it. And says he has no son :(. So sad.

Raquel asks Pete to marry her. Jelena meets Sloane and tell her she no longer has the paper work she had on Oscar. Then you see Lionel walk into Oscar's office with the paper work :(. Plan failed again. 
Kyle tells Derrick what Oscar was up to and they come up with a plan to bring Oscar down. YAY! But she says one of them would have to leave LA. BOOOOO! I can do without Derrick's fine ass tho. I just love Kyle's spunky character. 

Next week is the Season finale but there will be a new season 3 next year so yay.

See ya next week


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