Friday, August 1, 2014

TV Review: Project Runway ep 2 Season 13

Last night's episode of Project Runway was kind of a dud. I only say that because I really don't get what the heck most of the designers are saying. Plus I feel like Lifetime is trying their best to keep viewers so they will do what ever they can to manipulate these people to entertain us.

Silver Team (Winners)

The challenge this episode was the unconventional challenge where they had to use materials from a movie theater. I was so excited to see what they came up with. The thing is this challenge started out horrible when they were put into teams of 3. Which I completely understand because I despise teams. Like I do work well with teams but I like doing things my own way. So Tim went according to how they were sitting in the theater.

Silver Team: Korina, Kristine, Amanda (the winner)
Red Team: Sandyha, Carrie (loser), Hernan
Green Team: Alexander, Emily, Samantha
Blue Team: Angela, Fade, Sean
Purple Team: Kini, Char, Mitchell

The Silver Team ended up being the losing team I believe because they wanted to get Carrie out. She and Hernan complained the whole time about Sandyha's win from the week before. Hernan some how since he has worked with everyone in the fashion world he is an expert. He ruined the momentum by being so bossy towards Sandyha. Sandyha according to the judges had the worst look but was safe because of immunity from last week. Carrie and Hernan kept bullying her during the whole challenge to do it Hernan's way. Now to me even tho Carrie's attitude is stank, Hernan pushed the two women to follow his lead. He wanted to lead so he should have gone home. But whatever.

Sandyha hopefully learned her lesson to stick to her on aesthetic no matter what her teammates say. Yes keep it cohesive but don't lose your vision. It got so bad in the work room that Sandyha kind of snitched on her teammates to Tim by voicing her opinion about how she was being treated. Tim was some how in shock. There is no way he didn't know how they felt about her look. Everyone thought it looked awful but Korina, and I am sure they have been talking about it for days.

Every other team seemed to work together more except for team blue. Angela always seems like she is going to cry at any moment. I don't know why she came to a show where she would be pressured to work fast and on the spot. I think that she should have gone home but she wasn't as combative with the judges as Carrie was.

The runway looks were great. My favorite were the Green Team and Purple Team. Mitchell's multi colored dress was made of CDs and so many other unconventional materials.

After the red team was announced by the judges as the bottom they went off on the judges. Trying to defend their looks to the judges just turned into a debate that Angela should have gone home. Who wasn't even in the bottom. Hernan and Carrie said Sandya should be the one to go since her look brought us down. The same look that they made her do. Carrie didn't bite her tongue towards her garment. Which I loved because those judges can be harsh for TV purposes. These contest type of shows used to be about critiquing people now because of Simon's success everyone wants to hurt someone's feeling to the core and then back it up by saying "well you did sign up for this". They never have much nice to say. I feel like they are just going with the flow of the show. The judges always seem like my time is being wasted here and I'd rather be doing my real job.
Green Team (Safe)

Red Team (Losers)

Purple Team (Safe)
Blue Team (Safe)

Either way Carrie went home upset that Sandya got to stay. Amanda won and has immunity. I can only imagine how everyone will treat Sandya next week. *sigh*

See ya next week ;)


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