Friday, August 22, 2014

Long time no post! BAPs was cancelled! :(

Hey everyone. I know it's been such a long while. Mainly because I have been through a world wind of sorts. I really enjoy blogging but it became draining to vlog everyday about the TV shows I watch because duh! I watch a lot of TV. So I am still watching tho but maybe I should just do a once a week thing. I will continue to update shows but I can't do all of them, it's too draining. It really doesn't take me long to become drained.

Also I have joined a group for manifestion it is hosted by  Shira of Sugarfreetv. Ya'll know how much I talk about her all the time. Any hoo I am enjoying the course so far. But it takes so much of my time. I am basically working on myself. Meditation, breathing. Buying stones. Working on my chakras. All that good stuff. It just is one of those things where I am like ugh, I can't do both.

Wedneseday on my way to an interview I lost my wallet somewhere. Nothing but $4.00 was in it so it wasn't like that big of a deal. But I just hate losing stuff. Not to mention I did not want to go to that interview. Like I was just going just to go on an interview. Not apart of my plan in the 8 weeks of this course, which is to really really concentrate on one main purpose. Which is to find the career of my dreams. I have written it all down.

Today I went to NYC to just make some purchases. It always makes me feel great to go there. Plus I got to go to the book store. Then Micheal's. Whoo hoo!

Below are all the stickers and notebooks I purchased to embellish my new notebooks for the class. I love being artsy and crafty.  I also bought some lavender. Which I here helps you sleep. 
That is basically all I have been up to. 

Also Lifetime cancelled BAPs. Now Idk if it's the ratings, because they have kept things on that channel for lower ratings. But I believe since it's filmed in Missouri there could be a personal reason. I mean yes the show was boring but they filmed 6 episodes and they won't show the remaining 2. What's the deal with that?! O well! Fair well BAPs. 

I have been watch this season of BFV and SWV Reunited. They have been okay. Sisterhood of Hip hop was okay too. Maybe I can just stick to Project Runway because I have been enjoying this season. I also watch Big Brother.

I watch a lot for now. Yes I will eventually stop watching all these shows because I am learning to use your time wisely. 

I thank you for reading!

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