Monday, August 4, 2014 talk!

It has been so long since I actually made a post that had to do with my natural hair. Where do I begin?!

Let's start with dryness. I don't know but lately my hair has been really dry these last few washes. So the other day I used a new deep conditioner instead of my DIY one. Which contains Mayo, honey and olive oil. I noticed because I haven't been adding eggs these last few washes my hair hasn't remained as moisturized. So I used Beautiful Textures Rapid RePair Deep Conditioner for mixed textures Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily, Frizzy. 

The first time I used this product was when I straightened my hair with the flat iron. I noticed my hair was pretty moisturized after using it. It says it contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea and Mango Butter, Soy Oil, Argan Oil. The consistency is pretty thick. And I only paid about $6.00 for it. I may do a video comparing this deep conditioner and a few others I have tried and enjoyed. But I must say the ingredients in this DC aren't all natural. There are some silicones. At the moment it doesn't bother me to use non natural products. 

So I decided to use this product over night after throughly detangling my hair thorough out the week using coconut oil. Which is the easiest detangled for my hair ever. The next day I rinsed my hair and applied my Tressemme Naturals conditioner and rinsed that. While my hair was still damp I used Shea Moisture Moist and Shine mist, Alikay Naturals Lemon grass leave in conditioner, Curls Goddess curls, Olive oil, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie. 

I did a flat twist out then bantu knotted the ends. It came out great, not as big as I would have liked but still great. My night time routine will be just regular two strand twists. That pineapple crap just doesn't work for me. Every time I have ever done one it came out horribly the next day. 

I hope this helped.

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