Tuesday, March 22, 2011

200th post.....yay!!

I made it to 200 posts on here already. Wow like for me that is amazinggg because I am soooo wishy washy and change my mind a lot. And have my lazy spells. So yay for me. And thank you so much for reading my bloggy. I hope to bring more excitement to my blog. More makeup, and Fashion stuff. As well as some hair stuff. Speaking of hair. Dear goodness ya'll I am not having a good hair month really. Okay the first curl define came out great but now I am out of Eco Gel so until I run to Sally's to stock up I am stuck with my IC Fantasia Gel the clear one. Well I did the same process and will say this IC leaves my hair wayyy softer than Eco Styler does. But Eco Styler leaves my hair curlier and lasts longer. So until I get to Sally's to get the jumbo size jar, there will be no curl definer here. :)

Well have a happy day ya'll
God Bless

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